Saturday, November 13, 2010

miss one and mister two

for six weeks and three days we officially have a one and two year old in our house. crazy.

maya has been gaining mad skills over the last few weeks! one of her favorites is to shake her head back and forth - NO! she doesn't say it...just gets this spunky look on her face and shakes her head fiercely. like today at gymboree when all she wanted to do was ride on the rocking horse! she's just starting to stand up on her own for brief moments and loves to walk around holding onto our hands. she's climbing up on things - chairs, tables, the couch, etc. she's not so good at getting down, but starting to catch on that feet first is the way to go! the other day i found her standing on one of the little chairs reaching up to grab something on the kitchen table. yikes! she loves her big brother - thinks he's the funniest. likes to pat his hair and basically do whatever he is doing. she loves to crawl into his room and wake him if he's napping. she's becoming much more vocal...but mostly yelling and squawking but she has a few "words". she says more to go along with the sign. signs all done, eat and more. says mama and dada. she's quite a stubborn girl. hates to be fed...wants to do things on her own! she's very sweet though and we love her more and more each day!

kellen is no longer our baby or toddler - he's turning into a little boy. the things he says just make us laugh! like the other day when talking about food. "it goes into my mouth and into my belly, then into my poop!" he has no interest in potty training...even after picking out his own potty chair (pink!). he for sure knows when he is pooping because he runs to his spot behind the curtain and says i'm going to poop. when i ask if he'd like to go on the potty he says no, i'm already going. yesterday he even went so far as to get a book to read while he did his business. seriously kid...i think it's time to get out of these dipes! when he's not knocking her down, squeezing her out of the way or putting something over her head...he's the sweetest big brother! anytime she cries (even if it's because of something he did) he runs to get her a toy that he thinks she'll like. he call her my or my-my. in the last month or so he's gotten very into rough housing and wresting around. he loves watching football with aaron, but is concerned when players get hurt - who did that? he'll say. he and aaron have a game they play with the ball - basically rolling around on the floor trying to snatch the ball from each other and he loves it. let's play funny, he'll say. he'll yell out - bubba, bubba (which actually means fumble!). he's our "big boy" as he likes to remind us daily but will always be my baby!