Thursday, September 8, 2011


ah. life is so busy. i often wonder what i was thinking when i thought my college days were SO busy. i wish i could tell my younger self that i seriously had NO idea! two classes a day, four days a week, couldn't work out until 2 in the afternoon...rough life that girl had! perspective. i mean, i wish i could tell my only slightly younger self how easy one kid was...aa and i had good quality time with our boy, work was still somewhat manageable, we could get time together, some time to ourself, life was good...but it seemed SO stressful. perspective. now, life is crazy busy, we barely have time to shower or pee by ourselves, i had/got to quit my job cause two kids and my crazy job were just not meshing, despite my extreme exhaustion, i find myself up past midnight because it's the only time i have a silent moment to myself and i still have a to do list a mile long. perspective. i'm sure in 18 years, i'd die to be back in my almost 35 year old shoes with my almost 2 and 4 year old. perspective.

but once again, that is not what this post is about. i'm trying to do a bit of catch up on this little ol' blog...if anyone is still reading! we've had SO much going on - i finally took a break from the little side gig i've been doing since april and in the meantime, we've bought a new house, rented our current little house and are getting ready to hightail it out of here in the next few days. it's with mixed emotion that we do this and it's frankly LONG overdue. poor miss maya never has had a space of her own and because she was such a terrible sleeper early on, she has gotten mighty used to cozying up between aa and i. i/we tolerated it for almost two years now since we were somewhat in survival mode and we were getting sleep and it wasn't like we really had space to give her a room of her own. now almost two years in, we are O.V.E.R it. we never intended to co-sleep and while i justified it in that she was my last baby and it really was kind of sweet to snuggle with her...we're ready to take back our bed for ourselves and get her to sleep through the night. in fact, we are so over it that the poor girl ends up sleeping on the couch for as long as she will until she wakes and then i bring her into our bed. AND...last week, sept 4 she actually slept through the night, ALL night from 8:30 - 7am on the couch...first time ever at the age of 22 months. poor baby girl...on the couch, but let me tell you, it felt so good to sleep in the bed without her! anyway...that is not what this post is about (ha!)

i just wanted to do a tiny bit of catch up from the last couple of months, starting with fourth of july (seriously, how embarrassing is that...blogging two months later? but this blog is mostly for me and documenting some of these things so i have it years down the road...and i've always been a bit of a procrastinator anyway!).

this year was super fun - 4 of july that is...reminded me of the joy it was when i was a kid. k and m were both really into it, but especially k. i bought a few little firecrackers and we decided to take them to the "big" fireworks show at tigard high school. after a VERY long wait...the fireworks started and literally 5 min in (and over 2 hours past his bedtime) k asked to go home. so we trekked our way back to the car! the highlight was probably the $10 worth of fireworks that i bought at the grocery store and aa set off in front of our house in the broad daylight! the kids loved em.

"our stash!"

"first sparkler...loved it!"

"smoke bomb!"

"loving every bit of it! please note her festive dress...saved and thankfully remembered from a mini boden purchase nearly a year earlier!"

this summer we've also tried to get out and explore some of the many different spray/water parks around the city. seriously, where were these when we were kids?!! one sunday we headed out to lake oswego millenium park and let the kids splash around and followed it up with a happy hour at blast burger. i highly recommend both activities! we all shared a kiddie burger and fries, the kids had a root beer float (a first and a HUGE hit!) and aa and i had a beer or two. great little spot, good food and drinks and fab outdoor seating.

and yes, we bought a new house. it feels like it took so long, but really it was a pretty fast process. only looked at 12 houses in person (after LOTS of passive looking online) and found a great, great house (at least we think/hope so!). doesn't fit the search criteria that we had initally set forth, but we think it'll be a great place for us to be for as long or as little time as we want to be there...excited to move and start making it our home. a little bittersweet as we've been packing up our things - especially caught off guard by the emotion that was stirred up as we took the things off of kellen's walls and realized that some of the art pieces might not go back up in his new big boy bedroom. anyway, i'll write more about the new house as we get moved in (we actually already own the home...ah...hard to believe we own TWO homes (!), but get the keys on monday after a rentback) and settled (hopefully it won't take as long as the fourth of july pictures!). so with that...i'm off to bed!