Monday, February 20, 2012


It's amazing to hear these two little ones and their favorite made up game of "baby". I'm sitting here listening and wanted/needed (!) to capture this. Maya, of course, is the mama and kellen is the baby (crazy how those roles in life present themselves at such as early age!). Here's a sample of what I'm hearing!

Maya (as mama): baby, do you want to go to San Diego?
Kellen (as baby): yes, let's go to San Diego!

Baby: I went potty!
Mama: good job baby!
Baby: pssssss.....sssssssss, potty on you mommy!
Mama: babeeeeeee! Don't do that!

Baby: mama, it's my birthday!
Mama: let's go to frozen yogurt then!
Both: yayayayayaya! Baby: let's go to the park!

Mama: ok, oh look there is a swimming pool!
Baby: I'm floating away!

Mama: baby want to go to San Diego? With uncle bry. Ummm.
Baby: nope.

Mama: baby, it's your daddy on the phone
Mama: (talking on the phone to daddy) umm and we went to San Diego and we made a castle. Bye bye daddy!

Mama: let's make a castle baby.
Baby: I already am!
Mama: want a guy baby?
Baby: no, go get me that other piece.
Mama: ok, baby.
Mama: no, I want it baby!
Baby: I finished it mama, look at it!
Mama: yep!
Mama: (singing) teamwork, teamwork! I AM THE MOMMY!!!
Baby: I know that mommy!

And on and on it goes! This little game occurs nearly on a daily basis and the roles never change. Such fun and such gladness in my heart to be here to hear them play together in their imaginary world!