Sunday, August 31, 2008

home opener, etc.

i can hardly believe it, but yesterday was the duck home opener. night game against the huskies...what a way to start the season! we enjoyed a great tailgater with friends and family, but half of our regular crew was not able to attend due to a wedding. looking forward to next week when we'll all be there...including our one and only, kellen!

i purchased some sound-reduction headphones that i'm hoping we can keep on him. we've been playing around with them in the house for the last several weeks, but he still just wants to rip him off his head when i put them on! we'll see how it goes...the two of us may be hangin in the moshofsky for much of the game! (here's a pic just for you, jamie!)

we have a big week coming up...kellen starts at the nike child development center - he is in the C. Vivian Stringer Center...named after the Rutger's Head Coach of Women's Basketball. i have mixed feelings about his entrance into daycare...while it's really the best case scenario with me working, i also dread the spread of germs and the sickness that i know will be coming our way soon, plus i'm just really sad to be away from him all week and boy, it'll be a lot of work getting all the bottles and food prepared each day! the one plus - they use cloth diapers! ok - and it's mighty convenience being right there on campus with me and i can drop in anytime to see him...that does make me feel better!

oh and in other news, i've been sporting a major black eye this week...last weekend while loading up the boy and his stuff into the car, i slammed my temple into the car door. ouch.

also, here's a cute pic of the boy's new toy.

okay...just a few more in his footie pj's...the cuteness factor is just off the charts (that hat is a few sizes too small now...we were just messing around! the kid is into everything these days!

darn formatting...these are supposed to all show up in one line, but i can't figure it out. oh, well.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

we're still here!

sorry for the lack of posting...we've been super busy the last week and i'm still recovering and playing catch up. there is so much to post about and i've been waiting to find the time to write a worthy post...but i'm not sure if i'll ever find it!

here's the quick version:
aaron has been mr. mom for the last week and through this week. they've been having lots of fun together! last week we had two new babies arrive - andi had her baby - 10 pounds 4 ounces (!)- on tuesday and my sister had her baby, maisy on wednesday. i had a work offsite at salishan (the beach) wednesday and thursday...this would have been my first overnight away from kellen, but i couldn't do it and so aaron and kellen came and joined me there for the night! after rushing home from the beach to see maisy for the first time, i then had to prepare myself to return to the beach for hood to coast. yes...on friday i joined my nike team to head up to mt. hood to run hood to friday was my first night away from the boy. i had too much going on with running almost 18 miles that i didn't really have time to there was nothing to worry about since he was in the great hands of his dad! my van finished our runs around 11am saturday and headed to seaside to wait for the rest of our team to make it to the beach and my sweet boys were there waiting for me. am i lucky or what? needless to say saturday night i crashed out from sheer exhaustation and i'm still trying to recover.

i know that wasn't so quick...but there is so much more i could say and i have some really good pictures to accompany this post as well, but i just don't have the time right now - so if anyone is still with us here, i'll get to it least i'll try! with football season here this weekend (HOLY COW)...our weekends are suddenly getting even busier (if that is possible).

here's a teaser picture...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

visit with friends...

this weekend a couple of my nike friends (and fellow bloggers) and their babes came over for a visit. it was so fun to see their little ones and also simply unbelieveable to me that my boy was ever that tiny (well, officially he wasn't ever as small as little baby least outside the womb)! hanging with a 10 week old and a 4 week old made me realize how much the boy has changed in these last 8 months. while it seems just like yesterday that he was born (but at the same time SO long ago - funny how that can be)'s very clear to me now that he's no longer a newborn. i was so exhausted at the end of the day from constantly trying to keep kellen from loving on the babies or stealing their blankets! as you can see from the pictures below - little gracie and wesley were perfectly content to lay on the blanket and get their picture taken...kellen - not so much! erin had to hold him down and keep his hand from attacking wesley and the second she took her hand away he was off!

Later that evening, aa and i were able to go out to dinner while his parents hung with the boy. we enjoyed a nice meal at Cha Taqueria, which is an upscale version of one of our favorite places, Cha Cha Cha. It was good except aa got basically the same thing he would have gotten at Cha Cha Cha and paid twice as much for it. Go figure?! You know you are parents when you end your date night by swinging through Trader Joes for a little grocery 8:30pm! are a few more pics of the boy. I was finally able to snap a photo of his two teeth!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why my job is cool...

Employees are encouraged to hold meetings/have lunch/hang out in one of the courtyards to watch the Olympics on the Jumbotron.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

we're not the only ones interested in vitamins and poop

here are some of the google searches that people have run that led them to our blog:

  • my 6 months old baby sleeps with legs sticking straight up

  • "loves his dad" boy

  • i love k boy

  • hippie chic

  • how to incorporate infant naps with being outside

  • vitamins make my poop black

  • vitamins poop more

  • greenish black poop in a 6 month old

  • vitamins + take a poop

  • dark poo and vitamins

who knew there were so many poopy vitamin questions!!?

Friday, August 1, 2008

i <3 paper*source!

i'm so excited...they are opening a paper*source in portland!! word on the street is that it'll open Aug. 16th. i've actually never been to this store, but i first discovered them over four years when i was researching ideas for our wedding invitations. we ended up using one of their invitation kits and made them all ourselves - aaron even got in on the action. it ended up being quite a bit of work, as there were multiple parts to put together, but they turned out great and we paid A LOT less than we would have if we would have ordered them or had someone else do them for us! jan did end up saving they day by taking them home and finishing them all up for us and my friend kelsey was so awesome and did the caligraphy! i can't wait to be able to visit the store in, i just need a paper project - maybe 1st birthday invitations???!!!