Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why we need a video camera...

So yesterday we were doing "Tummy Time", which isn't a favorite with the sweet son. He'll tolerate it for a bit, but tires of it very quickly - it isn't easy trying to lift such a big head! He was fussing a bit and next thing I know, he's pushed himself over onto his back. I was so surprised and actually thought that it was a mistake - that he had tilted his head over too far and it took him over. So I promptly put him back on his tummy and he proceeded to show me that he could roll over from his tummy to his back five more times! Yes...our boy has learned to roll over.

Of course, when his dad got home and I wanted to show off his new trick...he wouldn't do it! But later that evening he did it again! This is exactly why we need a video camera! Today we're going out to look at them and we'll be making a purchase shortly! We can't miss anymore of these big milestones and we must capture these big smile and talking sessions - before we know it he's going to be walking, talking and going off to college. yikes!

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Meme said...

Nice Blog.

Thank you for the sweet grandson and the wonderful visit.