Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm a Hippie Chick!

Well, I fact, I surprised myself at how well I did! I finished the Hippie Chick on Saturday - no, it wasn't the Half Marathon that I had signed up for, but I did complete the Quarter Marathon (which is 6.55 miles) and I ran the whole time and I felt pretty darn good. I just checked the race results and I'm not so sure this is accurate...but it's saying that I finished second in my age group - mind you, there were only 16 in my bracket! Not too shabby, considering I only made it on on a whopping two runs since Kellen was born (really since September - since my last pregnant run was the Race for the Cure in Sept!). I have done a ton of walking and mostly carrying a nearly 16 pound child on my front - so that must have helped. Instead of a medal, all the finishers received a really cute necklace. I tell you, a necklace beats a big clunky medal any day! It'll be hard to top the Tiffany necklace from the Nike Women's Marathon, though! I highly recommend both of these races - although they are both very popular, with the Nike Women's being nearly impossible to get into these days.

My friends Meghan and Amy did the Half Marathon - way to go, girls!! If not for them, I think I might have been tempted to walk a couple of times! Thank you for keeping me going! Thanks to my sis, who came along and hung out with the boy while I ran!

Next up - the LiveSTRONG Challenge on June 29th. Just a 5k...but a fun event and a great cause! Tomorrow happens to be LiveSTRONG Day - if you are interested in running or riding in this event - save 50% off of the registration in honor of LiveSTRONG Day! Savings ends on the 13th at hurry up and save!

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Molly McGee said...

I love the pictures you posted! So cute...I need to save the kissy one of me and the boy. I only hope MJ will be as good as he is!!!