Sunday, October 5, 2008

a good day for a marathon...

no, not to run in the marathon...just to go cheer on all the runners! this morning we hit the road early to get a bit of inspiration from all the runners running in the portland marathon. i love watching a marathon - i actually get a little teary thinking of all that they've done to get to the starting line and to get through the 26.2. today, i was definitely thankful to be on the cheering side, but a little part of me was a bit jealous - you feel unstoppable, like you could do pretty much anything after completing your marathon. i'm not sure if i have another in me; right now it feels like i would simply never have the time to properly train for the distance, but i'll never say never.

i wish i would have brought my camera...the boy had lots of fun waving to the runners and he got lots of smiles back!
these pics of us being lazy after watching all those runners will have to do!

ps. someone is 10 months old today! unbelievable...that one year mark is in sight!


The Lok Family said...

Isn't it crazy that our sweet babies are becoming toddlers right before our very eyes. I bought Chloe's first coat the other day, and I couldn't believe that I was buying from the "Toddler" section.

As for the marathon, Chloe actually kept her gloves and hat on the entire time!

Molly McGee said...

Gosh...he looks so grown up in these pictures!!!

A, J, and G said...

10 months old already? Oh my! I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday that you returned from maternity leave.