Thursday, November 27, 2008

i'm thankful for...

...the sound of my sweet boy laughing so hard he has tears in his eyes! his cousin cam was pretty funny today! boy's little tootsies

...for my husband, who is so wonderful - he cleaned every single dish that was dirtied today. the kitchen is now sparkling! unfortunately i didn't get a picture of him in action.

...that i could enjoy thanksgiving dinner this year. last year thanksgiving was my actual due date and i couldn't eat more than a few bites without feeling incredibly full.

...watching kellen enjoy his first thanksgiving meal. he had a little turkey, mashed potato, stuffing, peas, sweet potatoes and a roll...pretty much the whole shebang! poor boy didn't get any gravy on his potatoes though! much more, but i need to go lay on the couch now! hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! i'm feeling extra thankful this year!

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