Monday, February 9, 2009

first visit to the dentist!

my boy had his first dentist visit today! pretty funny that a 14 month would visit the dentist, but we have dental figured we may as well use it! it pretty much consisted of the hygienist brushing his teeth for about 30 seconds, feeling his gums and teeth and her asking me a bunch of questions about his sugar intake - juice, pop, candy, fruit roll ups, dried fruit, flavored yogurt, graham crackers, etc = bad for teeth and water, milk, fresh fruit, cheerios, cheese, oatmeal, pasta, eggs, etc = good for teeth! the dentist then saw us for a few minutes and took a look inside the mouth - no cavities! {btw...did you know that i've never had a cavity? hopefully the boy will follow suit!} they decided not to put the fluoride paste on his teeth since he was pretty wiggly and he doesn't have a ton of teeth right now. we'll try that at our next visit in 6 months.

the boy now has his two front teeth on top, four front teeth on bottom and one big molar on the top! the molar just appeared last week - i looked in his mouth and thought he had a piece of food back there, only to find a molar had popped through. the little guy didn't even complain! there are two more molars on bottom working their way out and two more on top that look like they might pop through any day, so soon he'll have a mouthful of teeth.

oh and we totally posed for the picture above! he didn't even sit in the chair for any of his visit...just on my lap! but we had to take a picture in the dentist chair for the blog. he looks like he's having a pretty good time, eh?

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Heather said...

What a big boy!! I still have to do this, what dentist did you use?

Hadley recently had 4 molars come in (they are past the gums but not all the way in) for a total of 12 teeth, so I definitely need to get on the ball!