Tuesday, May 26, 2009

zoo buddies!

last friday we met up with some of our friends for an impromptu gathering at the zoo! as new zoo members, i can see us spending lots of time here! the great thing about having a membership is that you don't have to stress about getting your money worth by trying to get around to see all of the animals/exhibits...we can pick and choose and if we have a meltdown and need to leave - no worries, we'll just come again another day! we hope to get to some of the zoo concerts that are free with the membership, but the wednesday 7pm shows may be hard for us.

here are a few pics of the afternoon:

kellen and tom checking out the big stuffed bears at the entrance

tom, sydney and kellen in front of the giant fish tank

kellen didn't want to get off his little farm stool!

zoo buddies!
(t-man had just come close to falling off his stool, so wasn't loving it at that moment!)

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A, J, and G said...

Fun! I just got a zoo pass this morning. Looking forward to using it all summer!