Monday, July 20, 2009

yikes...3rd trimester!

as of Saturday, i've officially entered the 3rd trimester! YIKES is all i can say! it's just crazy how fast this pregnancy is feels like every time i blink i'm down another trimester.

you can actually follow along on the countdown - if you look at the poll on whether rolo is a boy or a girl, the # of days left to vote is the # of days left until our official due date. 102 days! ah!!!! and speaking of the poll, it appears as if the majority if peeps think that i'll soon be really outnumbered by gassner boys! and i really don't have a problem with that! if i were to be able to have a say in the matter, it would be a TOUGH decision, but i lean slightly towards having another boy. that being said, i'd absolutely LOVE to have a little really we can't lose! healthy baby is all i can ask for and so far, we're tracking that way!

and speaking of the name came about before we even decided we were ready to turn our family of 3 into 4. k has a book called puppy love and one of the pages is about rolo and smartie. it goes like this:

these two buddies like to play,
inside and out, through the day.
rolo is smartie's little brother -
both are loved by their mother.

it's the kind of book and lines that get stuck in your head, especially after reading them over and over. one night aa asked me when we would have our rolo and we've referred to #2 (even before i could fathom having #2!) as rolo ever since then. in fact, i took the pregnancy test on my own this time...really just to confirm what i was already pretty certain of and that evening i gave aa a package of rolo's and he instantly knew that our little rolo was on his/her way!

so, 2 trimester's down and 1 to go. we are already starting to talk about potential dates for the c-section...assuming that is what ends up happening. my doctor is open to allowing me to go into labor and going with it if (and that's a big if) it progresses. i'm not tied to anything, so if c-section is what ends up happening, then i'm long as we don't have the 27 hours of pitocin labor followed by a c-section that we had with k!!! i'm getting so nervous and so excited! if anyone has tips on how to prepare your little one for the new baby, please share!!!


Dottie said...

I love that you gave him rolo's to tell him you were prego!

Anonymous said...

I've wondered where that moniker came about! I just figured that they look like little blobs on the first ultrasound and you are pregnant so there may be cravings for sweets will surely be sweet, no matter if you end up having a boy or a girl. I can't wait to meet the little rolo!

Anonymous said...

I just noticed after posting this my "name". Our name for our blog is McPhizzle on the back end.....this is Heather. :)

Molly McGee said...

There aren't any tips my dear big sister...all children are different and what works for one will not work for the other....all I can say is little Mr. K will just have to Roll...O with it. Gawd I am funny! :)