Saturday, October 3, 2009

go ducks!

a couple of weeks ago our boy attended his second duck football game. last year the game went so well, but he was also only 9 months - not super mobile and no where near as busy. i was a little worried about how it would go this year and figured we'd probably be making some rounds around the stadium or hanging in the mo for a bit. as usual, my worrying was for nothing - he was GREAT! since the rain was threatening, sarah and i decided to go down a little later to the tailgater with the babies so we wouldn't be hanging in the rain for very long. kellen was the most prepared for the rain and looked pretty darn cute with his rain pants and jacket!

the highlight of his tailgater was "driving" auntie sarah's car:

the game was an all around success with the ducks beating the 18th ranked Utah team 31-24! the boy seems to be taking after his dad in taking these games quite seriously:

2009 2008

we look forward to many more years of family duck moments!

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Dottie said...

Spool cute Ang!! Glad to hear it went well.