Saturday, November 14, 2009

fun at grandma and papa's

i'm thankful that aa's parents have been spending some extra days with kellen the last couple of weeks. these days give great bonding time for k and the grandparents and extra sleeping time for m and mama - today we (maya and I) rolled out of bed around 10:30 (after being up from 1-3:45am with m and then about 4:30-5:30am with k and then 6-6:45am with m). these pics showed up in my inbox today - k was having fun with grandma raking leaves. look at the size of those leaves!

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the o's said...

yay you added the M to your blog name :) now it's official... maya is part of the fam! hope you guys are doing well. thx so much for the message last week and the offer to help. we were fine once andy was home to help! so appreciate the offer though! hope you guys are getting rest when you can.