Tuesday, December 29, 2009

where does the time go?

this blog has been a little neglected and i have no excuse other than to say having two under two (although i officially can no longer say that!) is NO cake walk! oh, don't get me wrong, we are having fun...but blogging is the last thing on my mind. we are busy it seems EVERY waking minute. as kellen would say, "GO, GO, GO!".

so much has been going on - our boy's 2nd birthday (happy to you as he would say!), maya's short little life (poor girl, i've yet to write a word in her baby book and i'm not doing such a great job here either!), hanukkah and christmas (this holiday season is SO much fun with a toddler who's into it!).

let's see what i can cover in the short time that my kids are both sleeping (including maya who is NOT in my arms for once!).

the stats:
maya 1 month - height: 21.5 in (64th percentile), weight: 9 lbs even (40th percentile)
kellen 2 year - height: 34 in (45th percentile), weight: 24 lbs 6 ounces (11th percentile)
maya 2 month - height: 23 in (75th percentile - although i question the accuracy of this measurement!!), weight: 10 lbs, 10.5 ounces, 45th percentile

maya update:
this girl is a much harder baby than our boy was - although we knew when kellen was a baby that we had it pretty good! the toughest thing is that she does not like to sleep anywhere but in my arms. last night we turned a small corner (maybe, crossing my fingers!), as she slept in her pack and play for 4 hours straight - 10pm - 2am. i couldn't get her back down after i fed her at 2, but it was a start. and she's currently napping on the couch, so maybe we are getting there! she's a great eater, although sometimes a little too great. she has a problem with gorging herself and then it all comes back up. in fact, she's pretty much a puker. there are some days where we both change our clothes 2-3 times. it's sure a good thing she's cute! oh and i'm having so much fun with all the cute girl clothes - man, i might get myself in trouble! must restrain myself and back away from the computer. online shopping is so much fun and way too easy! poor baby girl had baby acne and then a rash on her face for the last 3-4 weeks. it's finally starting to go away! and the smiles - oh the smiles. i forgot how much it makes your heart sing to see your baby smile back at you for the first time. she started smiling around 6 weeks and it's really coming on strong now! along with the cooing and "talking"! this girl is finally starting to give us a little something back and we're eating up every bit of it!!!

kellen update:
he turned two! i can hardly believe it. he's turning into a very sweet big brother, asking for baby maya when he gets up, giving her hugs and kisses, making sure she has her blanket and teddy, etc. super cute to see him being so considerate and sweet. not to say he doesn't have his moments - we've had a bit of an issue with him hitting her every now and then, all while giving us quite the evil smile. not easy to deal with! he was very into his birthday and all the great gifts he received this year. loved blowing out the candles - in fact, we had to do it multiple times! now when he sees a candle he says "happy to you!", which was somewhat confusing with hanukkah being so close to his birthday. he wanted to blow the candles out, but he quickly learned that we "dont' blow" the hanukkah candles and he also quickly learned that after we light candles there is most likely a present coming! why don't they learn not to hit or how to listen as quickly?! he has a very strong will and very clear opinions about things, especially what he's going to wear. we have to learn which battles to fight, but sometimes (like for pictures or holidays) i'd like him to wear something specific and it never goes over well and he usually ends up winning! for christmas, it was a skeleton shirt (although we managed a different, slighly better shirt, on top for a while, but not the outfit we had in mind!) that he insisted on wearing.

ok...i'd hoped to get pictures attached, but no such luck. i'll be back, hopefully soon to post some pics!

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