Tuesday, February 16, 2010

nice day.

{where's waldo?! hint: click on the picture to make it big!}

today was a nice day. nothing exceptional to write home about...just enjoyed going about life with my babes! maya woke up first this morning, around 7:30 and we enjoyed an hour together before k woke up (just in time for m to go back down for a little nap!). kellen and i then had a bowl of cereal and watched some of his favorite cookie monster videos on the 'puter. this boy loves him some cookie monster - sings along to c is for cookie and likes to say "hello there" just like cookie! tells cookie 'no! don't eat that cookie, cookie monster!'.

later in the morning we were off to the dentist for k's 2 year dental appt. they actually cleaned his teeth for the first time and he did so great. i really couldn't believe how good he was considering what a struggle we have most nights with his brushing and flossing. the hygenist was great - told him they were cleaning off the sugar bugs. he loved when she gave him a drink of water with the little water thing. maya was a doll too...slept the whole appt!

both kids went down nicely for an afternoon nap after lunch and i was able to pick up a bit and read some of my book, which was a treat! maya took a long nap, so kellen and i were able to play again 1:1 which was also a treat! the sun was shining and we played outside in the grass, read some books, did some puzzles and put the train tracks together. after maya woke, i was able to take a few pics of my babies outside in the natural light.

{k LOVES to beep her nose, but often he gets her eye!}

after that we were off to whole foods to buy some fish for dinner and to stop by rei to find out when the double bob's are going on sale! they wouldn't give me an exact date, but said soon. yay!

{i love me some baby feet!!}


Heather said...

She is so beautiful, and Kellen is as cute and happy as ever!! Especially after that video you just sent, where we found the newborn stage so challenging with one baby, I'm amazed how amazing you are with two. Some days I can't get out to go to the store with one crazy toddler, let alone another one! Great job Angie!!!

On a side note...last night Hadley was looking at one of her Valentine cards and I said "who is that from?" she said "Kellen and Tom!!" It was pretty cute. :)

Jamie said...

Soooo jealous of your day! The annoyance of my toddler refusing to nap is totally overshadowing this beautiful day! I think I need a shift in thinking. I love the picture of Kellen beeping her nose. I was wondering if he gets her eyes because you can tell she's starting a bit of a preemptive blink :-)