Thursday, March 18, 2010

you who!

as i mentioned in the post below...we took the kids to a kids rock variety show at the kennedy school last month. it's called you who , and was started by a member of the decemberists who wanted something fun for parents and kids to do in portland. it is held the last sunday of every month and i highly recommend it. it was a great time! there was a face painter, a little art project (noodle and paper flower leis), and lots of dancing, music and fun. we fed the kellen before we went, but you can order pizzas and drinks and eat it in the ballroom. they have all the chairs and tables which are normally in there for the movies around the edge of the room.

before the main show there were two owls, which i think is their mascot, that came out and danced with the kids. kellen was not too sure about them. he wanted to look at them, but not too close! we weren't sure that he would let the lady paint his face, but he marched right up and asked for a tiger. so cute!

when the show started, a guy came out to introduce the various musical acts. he was dressed up in a french attire, spoke with a french accent and was carrying a baguette. he broke off a piece of the baguette and threw it at the crowd. where did it land? right at kellen's feet...but someone else grabbed it. after the next act, he threw another piece and lo and behold...that piece of bread landed at kellen's feet. this time he was not going to let someone else snatch it away from him. he gnawed away at that piece of bread the whole show and loved every bit of it. the next act, all the kids ran to the stage calling for pieces of bread and he threw it all out to the crowd. kellen looked up at us and said, "i already got my bread!". i think it may have been his favorite part of the show = the piece of bread that landed on the nasty floor! our baby girl was a trooper - she hung out in the ergo the entire time and we really didn't hear a peep from her. she even tolerated the ear plugs that made her look like a baby shrek!

our little camera sucks - the flash is so bright and washes everything out so bad...and i'm just too lazy to correct it right now! it's all i can do to get these posted! ha.

i see in may the dandy warhols are playing - maybe we'll have to check it out again. one thing to note - the final act was a little loud. they sell earplugs, but if you have a little one who is sensitive to might be a little too overwhelming. we actually ended up leaving a bit into the final act, mostly because we were way past naptime...but the loudness was a bit much at the end!

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