Friday, July 16, 2010

busy mama, lazy blogger!

the life of a full time work outside the home mom of 2 kids, wife to 1 husband has kept me very busy...this blog (amongst many other things!) keeps getting neglected. i have great intentions, but they just don't always happen - sleep or just catching up on other blogs seems to always win out!

we just got back from a road trip to northern california - first to attend aaron's cousin in the mount shasta area, then on to sacramento to visit our great friends, mike and mel and two of their kids, macen and shea, finally landing in san francisco for a few fun days as a family! i'm not sure i'd recommend a road trip with a 2.5 year old and an 8 month old, but we did manage to have lots of fun between the long stretches of driving that maya especially grew to detest! oh and check it out!!! i submitted our adventure on one of my favorite sites, Ohdeedoh and they featured it today! that cement slide was super fun - grab a piece of cardboard that are scattered around the bottom, climb up the stairs and you whiz down! i highly recommend.

quick update on the kids:
maya is just about 9 months and really getting personality. she babbles about, has just started to scoot (army crawl) and is FINALLY starting to eat some solids (just today she took down a half of a banana mixed in with 1/4 avocado!). oh and she also is FINALLY taking a bottle from her teachers at! her hair is getting thicker and longer. she is loves to be held, especially by her mama and daddy and lights up with joy at the sight and sound of her brother! kellen is the only one who can make her laugh easily! it's super cute! big boy! he's 2 1/2 and it's just amazing to us how we can carry on full conversations with him now. his language is just exploding and he's becoming such an independent little guy. he keeps himself entertained, whether with his sesame street guys or playing in his kitchen...and the whole time he's singing songs (which i just love!). itsy bitsy spider is probably his favorite, but he's not afraid to bust out, bringing home a baby bumblebee, slippery fish, you are my sunshine or the abc's. some of his funny sayings - "sounds like a plan", "oh my goodness!", "not quite yet". i'm sure there are more, which is why i should be better at keeping this blog up!


the o's said...

they are SO CUTE. i love the new pics and want to hear more about your road trip! let's hang out soon :)

Justin and Crissa said...

I love your pics. I just love your kids to pieces. They are so stinking cute. Auntie needs a play date soon.