Monday, January 17, 2011

back to normal

we are finally back to a "normal" routine post-holiday and duck game here in the gassner household. the last week or so was a little rough as maya had a bug that caused her some problems on both ends if you know what i mean. let's just say that i've had more than my share of bodily fluids on me. ugh. we experienced our biggest blowout of all time within 30 minutes of landing in arizona...i just thank god that it didn't happen on the plane. in fact, she was such a trooper on our trip to arizona to watch the ducks in the national championship game. with all the puking and pooping that went on...none of it happened when it would have really, really sucked. she was good on both flights (including a layover for each) and for the tailgater and game (almost 10 hours where we had access to nothing but public restrooms at best!). just this weekend she started getting back to normal and i see her appetite increasing daily (thank god...i have such a tiny girl on my hands!).

arizona was a ton of fun - despite the bug and the loss. it felt wonderful to get some warm sun on my skin and to say i was excited about the game would be an understatement. thanks to rick (aaron's dad), a 30+ year season ticket holder, we had the privilege of using 2 of his 4 allotted tickets. i was really hoping that maya would be the lucky charm given the fact that attended all of the home games except portland state (we were in sunriver and seriously, it's portland state!) and they were undefeated. unfortunately that wasn't the case, but oh what an exciting game - when they scored the touchdown and 2 point conversion with a couple of minutes left in the game it was beyond thrilling. i thought i was going to cry! maya of course slept right through it all! she fell asleep with 12 minutes left in the second quarter and didn't wake up until we got to the car. poor kellen was left behind to play with grandma (which he loved and probably preferred...thanks, jan!)...he requires a ticket to get into the game and those were going for $1500+ and he wouldn't sleep sweetly in the ergo for the whole game!

we were able to meet up with one of our great college buddies and my roommate for a year for a pre-game beer or to relive those college days. why on earth did i ever think it was hard - those 2pm work outs and classes 3 days a week sure were rough! what i wouldn't give to know then what i know now. but i guess that is what life is all about. the joy of growing older and more experienced...the ability to appreciate what we've learned and the path to get there!

even though he wasn't in attendance...he was showing his duck spirit all week long leading up to the big game!

maya looking cute right before she boarded her first flight!

maya girl feeling a little anxious right before heading over to the stadium for some tailgating and then the big game. she was the cutest little duck fan there - i must have had at least 20 people take her picture!!!

our family at the tailgater...hosted by our arizona gassner family. such fun times and good margaritas and pulled pork!

mama and maya - such high hopes for a duck win.

daddy and maya - not so pleased to be wearing the headphones...but an absolute must. it was LOUD in there!

with the new year here, we are excited at really settling into our new normal again. these kids are so much fun and so much work. there are definitely moments where i wonder if i'd be a better mama to these kids with a little break...but i'm trying to cut myself some slack and just enjoy and be thankful for this time i have. so we'll be enjoying music classes (maya's favorite...she's a music and dancing girl!), art classes (cool place... my masterpiece art studio - check it out and if you want to go to a friday mini masters art class let us know!), playdates with friends, cooking together, lots of reading and playing together. the simple things in life. i'm so lucky.

bath time...a favorite pastime for when we are feeling bored or cooped up in the house during the winter!

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Jamie said...

Um, is Maya the cutest little Duck fan ever or what?! Seriously precious! And those seats were GREAT!

Need to check out that art link. We are certainly feeling cooped up and an art class where we can leave the mess behind might be just the ticket!