Saturday, March 5, 2011


she has beautiful, dark brown eyes and has had them from day 1.
he has beautiful blue-y grey eyes and has had them from day 1.

we both have brown eyes (aa's lighter brown, mine darker brown).

his first word was "dada".
her first word was "mama".

he is cautious and concerned by things that could cause him harm (the oven door...don't even think of leaving it open a crack - it scares him!)
she is fearless and oblivious to danger (the oven door...just a handle for me to help myself climb up on the stove!)

she took her first steps at 15 months and never looked back.
he took his first steps at 13.5 months, but didn't walk until around 16 months, unless you count walking on his knees!

he often asks her for sloppy kisses, cause that's how she gives them. he never did that!
she loves to "pat, pat, pat" his back.

she loves veggies, especially broccoli.
he hates them - won't touch em, except spinach blended up in a smoothie or french fries (do they count?!).

he is more of a carb guy - bread, pasta, rice.
she is more of a meat girl - chicken especially.

they both love chocolate chip cookies and ice cream.

she is a terrible sleeper...has NEVER napped 4 hours (we're lucky to get an hour!) and can't sleep without touching me.
he is a good sleeper...used to often take up to 4 hour+naps and would go right to sleep in his crib (with teddy and his blanket of course!)

he loved his ba (pacifier).
she hated them all...and we tried many different kinds!

they were and are both snugglers (lucky us!).

she looked like her daddy when she was born.
he looked like his mama when he was born.

they now both look more like ME! (i write the blog, so i get to say ;-p !)


Dottie said...

One of my most favorite posts! Adorable, fun kids Ang!

The Cox Family said...

Love this!

the o's said...

i agree they both look so much like you now! they are sooooo cute. love this post!!

Jen Jacobs said...

They do look like you Angie. Way cute and as they say totally different kids, right?

BTW those little red Nike's were on swoosh only and only came in size 2 so I guess we will only get to wear them for a few weeks more. :( But of so cute.