Monday, April 11, 2011


last friday was such a nice dose of sunshine. i didn't realize how much we needed it! the kids and i hung all day with our friends - literally, they couldn't get rid of us! we walked to the park, had a picnic and then just chilled in their backyard while the kids ran around. so nice! it also became clear to me that maya is really no longer a baby. she climbed up the play structure and went down the big slide - ON HER OWN, and toddled around trying to keep up with the big kids. so cute, but makes me kinda sad! kellen has decided that gracie is his new best friend! the next day we woke up and the first words out of his mouth...are we going to gracie's house?!

did i ever mention that we are down to just a one diaper household?! after a frustrating day of attempting to potty train, i posted a vent on facebook and after some good advice, tips and comisseration i realized that it was really me not fully committing to no diapers. so february 24 was the last day we used a diaper and aside from an accident here and there (although they seem to come in multiples, hmm.) we are potty trained! we do wear "nighttime undies" aka pull ups, to bed...but honestly 90% of the time he wakes up with them dry! he wears his undies to nap and (knock on wood), we've yet to have an accident in his bed. it feels so good! the one downfall...getting him down to bed can sometimes be a challenge now. he is up as often as five times each night, telling us he needs to go potty or even "the poop is coming out!" and lo and behold he usually comes up with something. oh and the other day after telling me he needed a little space, i came to check on him to find him painting his toenails! opps!

last saturday i coordinated a little baby celebration for my sister in law who is about 4 weeks away from having our second little gassner nephew. we're very excited to meet the new little guy! most of her closest girlfriends gathered for dinner at mother's bistro (appropriate, eh?!) and to make it a little more special i made this paper flowers for each place setting. they are so cute, although quite time consuming to make! super fun though...the kit was from paper source, one of my favorite stores to browse and buy when i need to be creative! paper source will always have a special place in my heart, as all the supplies for our wedding invitations came from there...long before they opened a store in portland.

big girl maya started refusing her high chair about month she's moved onto a booster seat! my how time flies! where did my baby go again?

kellen finally is tall enough and the weather nice enough for him to ride his skuut balance bike. we've gone out a handful of times in the last few weeks and each time he gains a little confidence and gets a little better at it. no balancing yet, but he gets faster! can't wait to see him gliding along on it. and maya is loving taking over his froggie trike (sadly i guess i don't have a picture of her riding the beloved trike.)!

one of the nice things about being at home is we can also spend with the kids' cousins! we don't do it all that often (let's get real...having a 3, 2, and 1 year old is a little crazy!), but when we do it's tons of fun! in the last month we had bennett and maisy over for a day (one at a time!). it's fun to see the three cousins together - and near impossible to snap a good picture of three kids at one time!

oh, btw...did i mention that i started a little side gig?! more on that later, but yes...i am doing a little work and so far so good.


Jamie said...

those park pictures are adorable! YOu must forward me some. I have to say, we have some darn cute kids!

Sarah said...

Those flowers were amazing! They are in B's room. I secretly wanted to keep all of them.