Sunday, March 2, 2008

1 Down - ? To Go...

Not sure if anyone is still with us...we were wiped out with the cold/flu bug for about 11 days! They say that within the first year of a baby's life they will acquire between 6 - 10 colds. Well, after what we've been through, I don't know that I can handle another!!! It's been a tough week and a half, but we made it (knock on wood)! Kellen and I both came down with the same cold last Wednesday and Aaron just caught a bit of it. He seems to be faring a bit better than we did. It's heartbreaking seeing your baby get sick - Aa and I both agreed that if we could, we would physically suck the snot out of his nose so he could breathe better - yes, we mean stick our mouths to his nose and suck it out. It didn't get to that extreme, but that is what I call true love! We did figure out rather quickly how to use the snot sucker - it helps to use it along the saline nose spray. Our boy HATED both - we had to hold him down and that was just not fun! I found myself constantly trying to sterilize everything he touched - pacifiers, toys, burp clothes, etc. In my sterilizing frenzy, I tried to sterilize the snot sucker in these cool Medela Quick Clean Microwave bags I have and here is what I ended up with:

We also had to figure out taking the temperature in the butt - that was awfully fun. Last Saturday was the peak of the illness - the boy had a 101.6 degree temp and we found ourselves on the phone with the doctor. So stressful, but the doctor walked us through everything and we were able to get the fever down quickly with a little tylenol.

In other news...the boy is getting so big. Everyday we notice new things that he can do - he's now grabbing and holding onto his toys. They all go right into his mouth (hence my sterilizing frenzy during the sickness!).

Here are some pictures:

1 week old/12 weeks old:

1 week old:

12 weeks old:

Someone's checking out his toes!

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