Friday, April 4, 2008

Busy Week and Lots of Pics!

I haven't been as good about posting lately - I guess we've been taking advantage of the nice weather this week and Kellen just hasn't been napping as much lately. He's down for a nap right now...we'll see how long this one lasts!

So, I just changed a major blowout and I think he's trying to tell us something because I kid you not...EVERY single time he wears this certain outfit he poops all over it. This morning as I pulled it out of the drawer I even asked him if he was going to have a blowout in it again and almost decided to put it back and try for something else. Go figure...this afternoon I was holding him and he just let it rip and up the back it went all over the outfit. We might just have to put that one in the back of the drawer for awhile.

Let's see, we've had a busy week...

We went to our first Mommy Matinee movie at the Kennedy School! So great...I wish that I would have gotten to these earlier - like in January when we were itching to get out of the house but the weather was so bad. You can bring your baby, have lunch and watch a movie! I highly recommend this to all my soon to be mommy friends! So easy to nurse your baby, too - comfy couches and plenty of privacy in the dark! It's so hard to feed Kellen out in public because he detests the Hooter Hider. He will now swat it away and if I'm not careful I'll be out there for all to see. I think that he gets so hot and I imagine it also feels a bit claustrophobic under there for him. We saw the Bucket List which was pretty good - what you would expect I guess!

Before the movie we did go to the park with Stacy and Jack. The weather was so nice, it kind of felt wrong to be going inside to the movie so it was good to get out beforehand. I already posted a picture of him in the swing from that outing! He really loved the swing and I think it wiped him out because he slept through most of the movie! Kellen also loves to watch bigger kids play, so he had fun watching Jack go down the slide and play on the playground!

Yesterday we were all prepared for him to get his 4 month shots at the doctor, but our appt was scheduled to early so we'll be going back next week for the shots. We had him all dosed up on Tylenol and Aa was with us, so now I'll have to be brave and handle the shots by myself! He did get checked out and all is well. He's staying right on his little growth pattern. He was 14 pounds 15 ounces - 50th percentile and 26 inches - 86th percentile. I don't know where he's getting the height, but we'll take it! Between the blue eyes and the height it's a wonder he's my child! Actually everyone is saying that he's looking more and more like me lately and I think I have to agree! Although...sometimes I definitely get glimpses of Aa coming through. What do you think???

Since it was so nice, we went to the park for another ride on the swing so Dad could join in on the fun and then went for a little walk. Good thing we did, because today is back to the rainy weather - ugh!

We did have some fun today - Kellen got to meet more of his Seattle cousins today - Max, Emily and Aaron. We joined them and Grams for lunch at the Pancake House. Yum - the 49er's I had were the closests things to sweets I've had in almost a month (only 2 more days until our month of no sweets is over!!) and boy were they good. I wish I had remembered to bring my camera - Max is getting so big and is super cute.

Next week we start Gymboree classes and tomorrow we have Kellen's first swim lesson, which should be so much fun! The boy just loves bathtime so we're guessing that he's going to love being in the pool!

I'll be sure to post pics and maybe even a video - Aa is going in the water with him tomorrow, so I'll be on documenting duty!

Okay, just a couple more...

The boy reading his Farm Animal book.

...and basking in the sunshine!

P.S. Did anyone watch Oprah yesterday...a pregnant man? Crazy! And...did you know that you can buy Citizens and other "Premium Denim" on I just ordered some, so we'll see if they are good or not! Once my friends and I heard they were selling 7's at Costco so we ran down and bought some. Unsure of how they fit we bought multiple sizes thinking one of them would fit...well we soon figured out why they were at Costco - they had to be THE most unflattering jeans ever. Needless to say, they were promptly returned! Hopefully that's not the case here!

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Jamie & Aaron said...

Kellen is looking exactly like you! Do your baby pictures look similar? I can't believe he's 4 months already. BTW, you're looking great!