Monday, April 14, 2008

We're in!!

I'm so relieved and happy...we just received an offer letter for the Child Development Center at my work, so it's official! Kellen will be joining me at work starting in September - which will really make going back to work full time so much better! He'll be right on campus and I'll be able to stop any time for visits or feedings. Plus, they do sign language, music and they even provide cloth diapers for the babies - can you believe it?

In other news...guess who's working on sitting up! He no longer enjoys being on his back - I guess the view isn't as good!

Okay...must finish the taxes!


Raché said...

That's great, how did you pull that one off? Glad you'll be able to keep him nearby when you go back to work.

Jamie & Aaron said...

Great news on the Paterno acceptance! That will make your return to work so much easier!