Monday, December 29, 2008

happy's never too late! (warning: it's a long one!)

ok...i've been quite the slacker on blog posting, but i do want to share the festivities that have been going on in the gassner household. this has been quite the busy month, with the boy's first birthday, hanukkah, christmas and of course, ARCTIC BLAST 08...but onto the birthday parties (yes, that would be three)!

on the actual birthday, we were fairly mellow. we had a few friends over for a little birthday playdate and ended with some dinner and a little cupcake.

playing with his buds, h and t:

he wasn't quite sure what to think about the cupcake:

after a bit of encouragement he went for it:

but it all ended very quickly in tears:

he did enjoy the birthday balloons that his dad brought home for him!

the next day we celebrated his birthday, along with 8 other november/december birthday babies that we've met and become friends with through the hospital baby and me group. luckily we rented out gymboree for the there were 20 babies and close to 40 parents there, which made for a crazy hour and a half! it was a lot of fun for everyone and we got to catch up with a lot of people that we haven't seen since i've been back to work full time.
here are some of the babies (ah...i guess they are now officially toddlers!) waiting for the party to begin:

kellen getting in on some good gymboree action:

playing peek a boo with the teacher:

trying to get a group shot of all the babes! ha...what a joke:

come on everybody, it's parachute time:

the weekend ended with the big family birthday party at our house and let me tell you, it was a tight squeeze! it was really special to be able to celebrate our little man with our family and a few close friends!

here's a pic of the birthday boy in his birthday crown w/ his grandpa and GG (great grandma), who was also celebrating her birthday that day:

aa insisted on streamers for the party and he put his decorating skills to work:

opening gifts with all the was a bit overwhelming for the three of us, especially the boy:

round 2 of cake, this time with GG and he's still not quite sure about it:

ended with crying yet again:

with uncle bry:

with his friend, baby a, who also turned 1 that weekend:

friend, baby l and cousin, baby m, also born 1 day apart:

his grandparents got him a new tricycle and he couldn't decide what was more fun...riding in the bucket on the back:

or driving it with his friends, teddy!

and after all that partying, we had a pooped boy! he slept through the night 6 out of 7 of the nights that week. thought we had turned a corner on the sleeping, but unfortunately it didn't stick! we're back to him coming in to sleep with us sometime in the middle of the night. we may have cursed ourselves because after he slept through the night a few nights in a row, we both commented on how we kind of missed having him with us!

and that's a wrap...i have much more to write or at least pictures to share - hanukkah, christmas and all the new things the boy is up to - but i'll save that for another day.


Molly McGee said...

I think that baby m could pass for a boy in the picture you posted. :) I loved all the pictures of Kellen!

the o's said...

angie i love the pics of kellen crying over his cake... i bet that won't be the case by his next bday! he is so precious... great seeing you guys this week!!