Saturday, December 20, 2008

on a snow break!

you'd think that with all these snow days, i'd have plenty of time to post about the important things that have been going on in our lives...namely a certain someone's first birthday parties that now happened almost two weeks ago! i've started it...but just don't have the motivation to finish! so...i guess we're kind of on an extended snow break! here are a few snow pics to keep you interested:

Kellen doesn't love being outside in the snow so much, so we brought some inside and added some food coloring and made snow blocks!


Dottie said...

Ang, he is so darn cute! I love that he is holding his bears hand looking outside! OMG! Great idea with the snow, I might have to copy you.

jfrogster said...

that's a great idea with the snow blocks! When we just recently got all this crazy snow, I took the little kiddies out. My daughter loved it and my son couldn't wait to go back inside. He would have liked making blocks though.