Saturday, January 17, 2009

happy birthday... my blog that is! i've really sucked at keeping this thing up to date, but i'm doing my best! work, sickness, laundry, my boy, dishes, and exhaustion have been getting in the way lately! oh how i miss those days of maternity leave with my tiny boy. it's funny because as i was going through those early days, i thought it was SO hard...but what i wouldn't give to go back! looking back, i wonder what i thought was so hard...a baby who would sleep most of the time, be easily satisfied with a little nursing, didn't move, rarely cried, definitely didn't demand things or throw fits and while he didn't sleep through the night, at least he'd go right back to sleep within 5-10 minutes and have no problem with me putting him back into his crib...hmmm! but i'm off topic now. it's my 1 year blog go eat some cake or some other yummy treat!

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the o's said...

happy birthday to one of my fave blogs! :)