Saturday, January 24, 2009

my 2009 list

i'm not really a big resolution person, but i do like to take the beginning of the year to reflect on the past year - what were the highlights, lowlights, etc and look forward to the next year - what do i want/need to do in this new year! i've been thinking about that list and will document it, just as a reminder to keep me on track and so next year i can see what i accomplished and two, to share with you and maybe inspire you to join me on some of them...because trust me, i'm not going to get through many of these without help!

here we NO particular order:

  1. take a photography class

  2. get an external hard drive for our computer and back up all our photos and videos...ahh...this one has been hanging over my head for awhile now!

  3. be better at meal planning

  4. try at least one new recipe each month

  5. waste less food

  6. compost

  7. get more pedicures this year...i think last year i got a whopping 2! need to improve upon that this year. who wants to help me with that one??

  8. consume less/simplify

  9. eat as a family more

  10. figure out our family holiday traditions

  11. reduce my hours at work

  12. wean the boy

  13. travel

  14. have an internet free weekend each month...or at least a day/month! this one will be hard!!! :)

  15. go to the beach more often this year

  16. take a trip for our 5th anniversary...possibly without the boy

  17. more date nights with aa

  18. move more - already working on this one - i'm getting certified to take the pilates reformer classes at the gym - it's so great! any nike peeps want to join me for the tue/thurs 4:30 class?
  19. 1 month in 2009 = no consumption
  20. use zero disposable plastic water bottles

hmmmm....that's what i have right now. i may add to this, but i'll feel really good about 2009 if i can accomplish some of the things on this list! and now for a pic of my cute boy, who is still not walking, but has mastered a really funny side knee shuffle. i need to capture it on video!


Molly McGee said...

The following all really go hand in hand: be better at meal planning, try at least one new recipe each month, waste less food, eat as a family more.

Matt and I make a menu on Sunday and buy our groceries accordingly. Our rule is one night HAS to be a new recipe and the kids each pick a meal one night and help cook their pick. We waste so much less because we know exactly what we need to buy. And when Kellen is older I am more than happy to let you guys use the 3 good things game that we play everynight at din. :)

PS...I am looking for an external hard drive to actually. Let me know if you know of a good one.

Anonymous said...
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The Cox Family said...

So many of these are on my list as well. Love that you wrote them has inspired me to do the same. Then I can actually look at them and make sure I am making them happen. A photography class is big on my list as well as an external hard drive. My laptop broke and is being fixed right now, hence the lack of blog postings. I lost a lottt of pics and I'm kicking myself that I didn't get one when I was thinking about it a long time ago. I will not make that mistake again and would hate to see it happen to anyone else. We should exchange some tried and true recipes. I've got some good ones!

Also lovvve the internet free weekend. When my laptop broke it forced me to do it. Its hard but there is something nice about not having it as my go to when I'm bored. Well see if I can stick to it once I get it back! Good luck with your list. They all sound like great goals and very doable...who can say no to a pedicure!

Molly McGee said...

A - So this is the external I just bought...... Matt and I have been reviewing them for awhile...I would hate to lose years and years of pics that are stored on my computer.

500 GB USB 2.0 My Passport™ Essential™ Portable Hard Drive from Western Digital®.

All the reviews were really good.

Aa, A and K said...

I ordered our external hard drive yesterday on amazon. we got this one:
Iomega Prestige 1 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive 34275

i believe we were also looking at one by western digital as well...not sure why we ended up going with this one, but the reviews were great as well.

i'll feel so good once we have everything backed up!

kels...i'll let you know once i find a digital photog class...maybe we can take one together!

Molly McGee said...

You went with the 1TB?? Holy cow...I was thinking about going with one that big but Matt really wanted Western Digital and the 1TB was GINORMOUS!!! In our small house we need small gadgets. :)