Sunday, April 5, 2009

16 months and a busy, sunny weekend!

16 months update
our boy is 16 months old today and he's finally on the mend. we've had a rough few weeks (or more), but i didn't realize how bad it was until it really started getting better! we finally decided the germs needed an extra kick in the pants, so thursday he started a cycle of antibiotics and two kinds of inhalers to help clear out the crap from his throat. the meds are doing the trick and we've had a happy baby the last few days and he's actually interested in eating again (a relief for this mama!)!

his weight is 20 pounds 11.5 ounces and he's somewhere in the neighborhood of 31 inches.

some of his favorite foods include: cheese, pineapple, peas, hummus, lasagna, enchiladas and yogurt


while he still loves to walk on his knees, he's starting to walk more and more. today he practiced standing up without any assistance and running around in circles. he thought it was very funny!

he's getting quite the vocabulary. here is a list of his words:
dada, aa (as in aaron!), mama, ball, off, on, up, more, wa (water), mil (milk), ted (teddy), bye bye, chee (cheese), bubble, light, shoe, sock, whoa, wow, roar (as in what does a lion say!), baa (as in what does a sheep say!), caw (as in what does a crow say), uh oh and night night

he also is still signing quite a bit, although we haven't been so good at introducing new ones! here are the signs he knows and uses often:
more, milk, bath, eat, drink, all done, toothbrush, change, and light

right now he's really into climbing on things. i was in the kitchen while he was playing in the living room this weekend and it suddenly got very quiet (never a good thing!). i ran in to find the living room empty. i quickly found him in our bathroom - up standing on the toilet grabbing for his toothbrush which sits on a shelf above our toilet. yikes...luckily he was steady and we now know to also keep our bedroom door closed!

he's certainly getting a mischevious side to him. he often throws his food onto the floor, which he promptly follows with a "no, no, no", smiling the whole time. in fact, he knows most of the things that are off limits or that he shouldn't be doing and he'll do them all the while shaking his finger and saying, "no, no, no." he throws a couple of mini tantrum's a day, but typically recovers quite quickly. he can be very stubborn and is also hot and cold. what he loved one day, he will hate the next. at gymboree one of his all time favorite things used to be pushing the air, if we go near the air log he freaks out!
weekend update
this weekend was quite busy. friday we had a little playdate with bennett and our seattle cousins, max and charlie.

max tried to teach kellen the guitar...kellen wasn't the best student!

not easy to get four boys under the age of three to sit still and smile for a picture!

the cousins looked cute in their matching striped outfits!

friday night we went over to my sister's house for more cousin time - tylre, britain, madison and maisy are always very entertaining. kellen especially loved britain's singing and dancing. i brought over a dozen of the dot cupcakes from st. cupcake and a dozen mini cookies from two tarts bakery. because there were so many different varieties, we ended up having to hold a draft for the dessert selection...which was quite entertaining. with the number two pick in the draft, i selected a coconut cream cupcake (YUM!) and a chocolate sandwich cookie with cream filling. unfortunately, the camera didn't make the trip, so i didn't get any pics of the cousins or the yummy desserts.

we spent most of saturday and sunday outside in the sun and the warm air. blowing bubbles, pulling weeds, going for walks and trimming the hedge. it was a productive and fun-filled weekend!

dad and k in the sun
k blowing bubbles on the deck
bubbles are so much fun!
pulling weeds...the boy wanted to get the really big one - aka - the shrub!
ok...since i can't pull out the shrub, i'll just sit here while dad pulls em! more, da, more!

aw, ma!


Dottie said...

Funny story about the tooth brush!! LOL!

Molly McGee said...

For one...loved the draft! It was very fun. For are becoming an old aunt who doesn't spell her nephews name correctly. TylRE. He would be so dissapointed. Also, I feel as though I didn't get a chance to play the boy so maybe this weekend since I won't be cooking!