Wednesday, March 25, 2009

highlight of my work day!

i think sometimes i take for granted how fortunate i am to have kellen attending the child development center at my work. while, he's still in a group care environment and there are challenges to, there are so many benefits and it's really the ideal situation with me working. i mean, we drive together to work/school. his building is a 10 minute walk across campus from mine (he in the vivian stringer center, me in alberto salazar building!). he is in a state of the art facility, with teachers who care for him and provide him so much opportunity for learning and development. i sometimes run into him and his class out and about on campus for a walk and i can pop over anytime to say hello! to top it off, i often get pictures of him from his teachers in my inbox and let me tell you...when i do, it's THE highlight of my work day! i call over all my co-workers to check out my cute boy!

here are a couple i received this week:

this is his new cheesy smile! evidently as soon as they pulled out the camera, he ran right over and gave his teacher this big, cute, cheesy smile!

this is his cute, but not so cheesy smile! right now, i'm kinda partial to the cheesy one!! but i'll take any...they all melt my heart!! i love this boy.


Anonymous said...

I miss him so much. He is getting too big. I need Kellen time. I love the new smile. He is so cute. Cameron loves his new smile. He said oh he is growing teeth.

A, J, and G said...

Bring on the cheesy smile Kellen. You're so cute!

jen jacobs said...

hi Angie. Found your blog. I bet you are happy to have him in Nike's day care center. So convenient. I am getting a tour next month I hope. We shall see if they have room for my little guy. Hope to stay in better touch with you (and get to know you better) via blogging now. :)