Friday, May 14, 2010

oh sh*&!!!

a recent (within the last couple of months!) conversation with my boy

kellen: oh sit (as he drops something on the floor)

me: what did you just say?

kellen: oh shit (a little more clearer, with a big grin on his face)

me: kellen, that's not a nice thing to say. why don't you say, oh, man!

kellen: oh shit, man! (with an even bigger grin on his face)

me, thinking to myself: oh shit!!!


the o's said...

HA! kellen... so cute, even when swearing :)

Molly McGee said...

Ha!! That really made me LOL!!! I love the man part. It made me remember Britain's first "Oh Sit" moment....

Justin and Crissa said...

Oh my goodness I am totally busting up laughing. KK is such a cute little man with an even cuter smile.

Jamie said...

That is awesome. Let's just hope he doesn't start teaching his little classmates that new word! Ha!