Sunday, April 18, 2010

fruit salad

last month kellen's classroom held a fruit salad party. each child brought in a different fruit and then for the afternoon activity and snack, they made and ate the salad. kellen's fruit was banana and he had a hard time giving up all of his banana's to the fruit salad. he scarfed down a whole banana before giving the rest of the bunch over to be cut up!

everyone took a turn dumping and mixing. kellen loved serving up bowls of fruit to all the parents. he served himself a giant bowl and then of course just picked out the mandarin oranges and pineapple.
as much as it's a near daily struggle for me to be away from my babes all day while i'm at work, i am sure thankful that they are able to go to the school right on campus. it's so nice to be able to easily drop in and say hello or participate in the variety of activities they have available. i keep telling myself this, because as much as i know that it's a great place, i still really struggled this last week now that maya has started going to "school'. she is in kellen's old infant class, little torch. it's right across the playyard from kellen's classroom, on nice days when both classes are outside playing the kids can see each other.

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misskelda said...

Hi, Angie -

I was chatting with Erin Oranen last night and realized that your baby Maya is in Little Torch with our baby Jack! Small world...

My husband Pete is the lucky one in charge of drop-off, pick-up and mid-day visits, so I don't have the opportunity to engage with other parents in the class very often so I wanted to introduce myself virtually!

I hope Maya is adjusting and enjoying her time in class. She and Jack are closest in age (J is 8-months old) so hopefully they'll be good buddies.

Best, Kelda Rericha