Tuesday, September 28, 2010

go ducks {catch up}

september 4th was the duck season and home opener against new mexico...the score - 72-0, making it the perfect game to bring the kiddos! this was kellen's third game - he has attended one each season and maya's first game - she'll likely be attending every game that i attend this year as she is the ultimate mama's girl!

kellen has become the ultimate football and duck fan! just like last year, he really got into the game experience - taking any opportunity to give everyone high fives, loving the duck doing push ups with each score and even sitting on the lap of the guy in front of us to "discuss" and watch the game! we went out to the car at half time with the ducks up A LOT to nothing prepared to go home, but kellen refused to go home...he wanted to go back to the game!
maya was great - wore her headphones the whole time, napped a bit and sat with either aa or me taking in all their was to see at autzen!
unfortunately no pictures from the tailgater, as we got there a little late and eating/drinking were priorities over the camera! but here are a few shots from the game.

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Andy & Heather Singer said...

Fun! The E's haven't been to a game yet, but they are perfecting their "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Ducks" and making o's with their hands. ;) Glad to hear you "new job" is going well!