Monday, September 27, 2010

sunriver {catch up}

with two little ones, we decided that our vacation this year should probably be low-key and close to we went back to a favorite of ours - Sunriver. this is the perfect time of year to go because the weather is still really nice, there are less people and it's the low-season so there are lots of deals to be had on vacation rentals. we always find a great house that offers a 4 for 2 or 6 for 3 (stay for 4/6 nights, but pay for 2/3 nights). side note...the house we rented this time was the identical floor plan as the last time, which was pretty crazy!

Here is our trip in pictures:

we took lots of walks to the village and fort rock park.

A trip out to the stables to check out the horses and ponies.

we attempted a hike and picnic at benham falls, but as we laid out our blanket to have a picnic the mosquitoes started swarming so we ended up walking and eating to run from the bugs who got the best of AA and me.

Aa and K enjoyed daily sessions of peanuts in the shell and male bonding!

good food was enjoyed by all!

lots of love and kisses from our baby girl!

kellen "i'm a puzzle guy" and daddy (in the background) working on their puzzles.

There are over 32 miles of paths and lots of tree stumps, but we managed to find the same exact spot on the path where we took a picture of k on a tree stump last time. what a difference two years makes! we'll have to remember this spot the next time we go back and make it a sunriver tradition!

of course we had to get one of miss maya as well!

our two babies!

we had hoped to go biking as a family, but injuries prevented Aa from being able to ride and i wasn't up for going alone with two babies in a trailer! i did manage to get one bike ride in for the week. so thankful for the time we had together and can't wait for our next trip back - although i will say that i'm itching for a warm weather, tropical vacation next!

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Dottie said...

Great posts! Love the new banner pic and the last one of these two cuties!!