Thursday, May 5, 2011


maya finally has grown an attachment to something other than me! i've been trying basically her whole life to have a lovey (like k has his teddy and blanket). when maya was born and we learned she was a girl...the one thing i wanted was a pink version of the blanket kellen LOVES. i figured since kellen LOVES his blanket so much, maya would love it too. wrong. not that she dislikes that blanket...she could just care less about it. one of many things to remind me that she is a different baby/person than her brother!

in preparation for her to someday (it really will happen!) sleep in her own bed, i really have wanted her to have a blanket and/or object that she is attached to and finds comfort in. i had heard great things about this blanket called the dream blanket, so when i stumbled upon a great sale i figured it wouldn't hurt to try. amazingly, she took a liking to it! she calls it "b" and every night when it's time to get ready for bed, she looks around the house for her b. the moment i knew she was really attached was when it was dirty in the laundry basket and she tried to pull it out crying, "beeeeeee, beeeeee!" at around the same time she took a liking to a stuffed bear that was given to her at birth. she calls him teddy, just like kellen's teddy and she needs both b and teddy to settle in for bed. i'm so thankful she now has these two to love and snuggle her and i really believe that soon they will help her to make the transition out of my arms at night!

ps. she does have a space of her own, really a corner in the office. i realize if we want to get serious about her sleeping, we should probably put more effort into giving her a room and a bed that she could actually sleep in. but we have been unwilling to give up the office or too lazy to make the change. we really just need a bigger house, but that also takes effort! here's a couple pics of her corner.

mama, i hate this crib!

the walls of her corner

ok - i guess i don't have the greatest pics of her space! i actually took these a few months ago, hoping to document something for her baby book, but never finished the photo session because she was hating it! here you get a glimps of the rug. it's pink, orange, green and cream striped and there is also a little white floor lamp and a chair to sit in...but no pics of the entire space. sorry! my sister loaned us the crib - it's a mini crib that folds up and is actually sort of cute. but as you can see...she hates it!

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Justin and Crissa said...

I love the pics in the is truly priceless. She is getting so big and is so beautiful. I love that she and Kellen both call their blankets "b". That is what Cameron calls his blanket. It is actually Mrs. Beasley and B for short.