Wednesday, May 4, 2011


as i mentioned below, i have recently started a little side contract that really just came out of the blue. today marks the start of my fourth week and so far so good. i'm working 15-20 hours a week, from home and on a temporary/contract basis. i'm actually still a little shocked to find myself working (for a paycheck...cause really, i've been working my butt off the last 8 months!), but it's kind of a perfect situation. i get to use my mind a bit, make a little money to restock my dwindling savings account, keep my resume fresh and current, but still have my focus here with my family. it's also make it easy knowing that i have an end date and the whole summer to look forward to with my babies!

so here's the scoop...a couple of months ago a former nike co-worker of mine reached out randomly to see if i was enjoying staying home and oh by the way would i be interested in a full time position (not at nike, at a company called knowledge universe). i replied that i was loving it and not looking for a full time role, but if he ever needed some part time help, i'd be happy to do it from home (thinking there wasn't a chance and really not looking for something!). Lo and behold, he replied right back that he might indeed have a need for that and that we should talk. a few weeks later, i found myself with a laptop, blackberry and back earning a paycheck!

side note: it does feel good to earn money. i don't think it's hugely important, because i do believe i'm doing my fair share contributing to our family, but money and the value we place on it is a weird thing. i recently applied for a credit card and had to put $0 income for my own and to my surprise (although i'm not sure why) i wasn't instantly approved. i've never had that happen and i won't lie, it felt a little odd/sad. i then applied under aaron's name and indeed, instant approval. i also am realizing that i've made virtually spent no money on myself since i quit my job (ie. i haven't had a haircut in 8 months) and now that i'm making a little money, i suddenly feel ok scheduling a hair appt for myself.

i feel really fortunate to have the type of career/experience that allows me the flexiblity to do this kind of work. when i quit i thought that i could always consult/contract if i wanted/needed and it sure feels good to know that it's possible. i remember back when i graduated from uo and was offered the job as a recruiter. at the time i knew nothing about recruiting as as career choice (i think it was still fairly new to specialize in recruitment) and can't tell you how many times i had to explain to friends and family what i do (to do this day, some of my family still just think i'm a headhunter!). i've definitely had my highs and lows and moments where i questioned my career choice, but it does pay to be a recruiter if/when you are looking for a job and to have a bunch of recruiter colleagues and friends!!!

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