Sunday, March 1, 2009

gut check on my 2009 list

it's hard to believe that it's march already...time is a ticking! if i'm not careful the year is going to pass me by and i'm not going to accomplish as much of my list as i'd's where things stand:

  1. take a photography class - i've done NOTHING towards this one! hmmm...need to get on it!
  2. get an external hard drive for our computer and back up all our photos and videos...ahh...this one has been hanging over my head for awhile now! - CHECK! - I've totally completed this one!!
  3. be better at meal planning - i think i've thought about it a couple of weeks, but can do MUCH better!
  4. try at least one new recipe each month - this shouldn't be that hard, but i'm not sure i've done this. if i have, i need to do better at documenting!
  5. waste less food - i wish i could say i've been good at this, but i haven't.
  6. compost - we're getting going on this one! the compost bin was installed today!!

7. get more pedicures this year...i think last year i got a whopping 2! need to improve upon that this year. who wants to help me with that one?? - now this should be really easy, but i haven't had even one yet! i did get a facial on friday, which was pretty luxurious!8. consume less/simplify - hmm...not sure where i stand with this one yet!

9. eat as a family more - we're doing pretty good with this one...although sometimes we're eating a little later than i'd like...can't do everything right, though!

10. figure out our family holiday traditions - no progress yet

11. reduce my hours at work - no progress yet

12. wean the boy - working on it!

13. travel - we have some ideas!

14. have an internet free weekend each month...or at least a day/month! this one will be hard!!! :) - didn't do it in january, but did do it in february...let's see how march goes!

15. go to the beach more often this year - so far so good...see post below!

16. take a trip for our 5th anniversary...possibly without the boy - need to get the details figured out and everything booked. looking forward to this one!

17. more date nights with aa - we've only had one so far

18. move more - already working on this one - i'm getting certified to take the pilates reformer classes at the gym - it's so great! any nike peeps want to join me for the tue/thurs 4:30 class? - doing pretty good here...have been taking the pilates classes at least 2 times a week and LOVING it!

19. 1 month in 2009 = no consumption - - need to pick the month...requires me to be very strategic!

20. use zero disposable plastic water bottles - two months down and not a single plastic water bottle. last night i was at a party and really wanted some water, but they were only serving it in plastic water bottles, so i declined!


the o's said...

wow i'd say you've made great progress so far angie! i love your list and am borrowing some for myself :) let's do a walk again soon if it EVER STOPS RAINING... ;)

Dottie said...

Ok, how do I back up all my pics? Thumb drive?

CD_PDX said...

what are you doing sat/sun am... want to get a pedi? :)