Tuesday, March 24, 2009

coming out of the fog...

sorry for my lack of posting...we've been laying fairly low lately and there hasn't been anything super blog-worthy or i just haven't felt up to it! keeping up with a busy toddler has captured most of our attention and we find ourselves exhausted at the end of the day. sitting at the computer is the last thing on my mind!

last weekend the poor boy was sick again. we had actually had a pretty good run of being fairly healthy! there was lots of vomit, crying and lounging on the couch for hours on end. this picture pretty much captures the highlight of our entire weekend!

fortunately we seem to be out of it and just dealing with a lingering cough now. his appetite has picked up again, which is such a relief to me.

his weight is a new area of concern. i'm trying very hard not to focus or stress about it, but it's not easy for me. last week at his 15 month appt, his statistics were a little startling.

Weight - 20 lbs 8 ounces - 5th percentile
Height - 31 inches - 48th percentile

it's the weight that concerns me, although the doctor wasn't super alarmed. he's only gained 9 ounces in the last 3.5 months!! i do realize that in that time, he has had his share of being sick, he had surgery and he's become much more active and busy...but the poor little guy is getting skinny! his little ribs are showing!!! our doctor said to just keep focusing on making sure he gets offered enough food and to try and give lots of plant based fats (avocado, olive oil. almond and other nut butters). the frustrating thing is that he is also a little bit of a picky eater. he's hot and cold. one day he's a great eater, the next he picks like a bird. one day he loves something and the next he shakes his head no and puts his hand up! you can't force a kid to eat and i certainly don't want mealtime to be a power struggle...but i can't help but feel a bit disappointed when he doesn't eat much! i've read and often re-read the book child of mine, which i really believe in. if anyone has any hands on advice or ideas on foods to try with kellen, let me know! i know he won't starve himself, but i'd like to see some meat on this kid's bones!!


John McPhee said...

Hi Angie! John was home with Hadley tonight because I had a volunteering gig to attend to. He said the he was feeding Hadley a garden burger (her normal fave food!) and some veggies (which she also typically loves) and she picked and picked and picked. He finally tried a tortilla with some mashed beans and cheese, warmed in the microwave and apparently she loved it!

I was just saying to John that she is definitely getting more picky about her eating! I think I've resolved to the fact that I need to be more flexible in what I'm going to feed her. Hadley is also only 25% for weight so I've just resigned to the fact that I have to feed her what she wants. Am I getting myself into trouble here?

Ok, super long winded, I should have just sent you an email. ;)

See you on the 5th!

John McPhee said...

Apparently I'm logged in as John. Ooops