Saturday, June 6, 2009

the cloth diaper debate

i've gone back and forth about taking the plunge in the cloth diapering world! i actually dipped my little toe in when k was still a little guy in that i gave g diapers a whirl! after going through our case of flushable inserts, i decided that the g's weren't for me. they sure were cute (i mean...come on! how cute is that little g for a baby with the last name of starting with a g???!), but i didn't feel like the paper inserts were that much more environment-friendly and they were a lot more expensive. on top of that, i was having to wash the cloth cover after nearly every use because they would get wet or worse...blow out with a poop! it felt like too much work! so i gave up.

but everytime we take the bag of diapers out to the trash can, we get a sick feeling in our stomach. it's so much waste! i haven't been able to shake that feeling. i now actually have several friends who have made the switch to cloth. they each have their own system, some use pockets diapers, some use prefolds in a g diaper cover, some a little of everything. i am preparing to dip my little toe in a little further and hope that i end up making the plunge with both the boy and our little rolo when s/he arrives. i have already purchased a few g covers in kellen's size and a stack of prefold diapers (confession...i actually bought those over 6 weeks ago and have yet to give them a try!). erin (who has made the switch!!) pointed me in the direction of the simple mom blog, who has been reviewing cloth diapers, answering questions and even posted awesome videos about how to use cloth diapers and how to clean and prepare them! if you too are pondering making the switch, i highly recommend checking out these posts as they are giving me the confidenct i need to take the big step towards cloth!

if you currently cloth diaper (or have in the past) and i haven't already picked your brain to death on the topic (friends, you know who you are!), what advice do you have for someone like me? what are your tips for making it fun and easy ('s diapers, people!)?

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Rachel said...

Hi! I came across your blog from Feedjit, and noticed the heading because I'm a cloth diapering junky. :) If you're still pondering this stuff,I have all my cloth diapering stuff in my blog here:

I've got two kids in cloth full-time and my four year old still wears them at night. Washing a couple extra loads of laundry a week beats diaper runs with three kids, and I don't know if we'd be able to have one garbage can a week if we disposables. Once you get used to it's not a big deal!