Tuesday, June 2, 2009


wow...i can hardly believe that the year is almost half way over! is it just me or does time seem to fly faster and faster the older we get? so...i haven't taken a look at my 2009 list in awhile. might be good to see how things are going!

  1. take a photography class - nope and i fear this may not happen. i've done a lot of looking and most of the classes that i find are offered during the weekdays or the evening during the week, which is just too hard for a working mom like me. i'm crossing my fingers something might work out - like maybe a private lesson or something. we'll see!

  2. get an external hard drive for our computer and back up all our photos and videos...ahh...this one has been hanging over my head for awhile now! - DONE!

  3. be better at meal planning - uh...not so good at this yet!

  4. try at least one new recipe each month - i haven't been very good at tracking, but i'd venture to say i've come close. last week i tried a great semi-healthy lemon yogurt muffin recipe that we all enjoyed! it was on someone's blog - i'll see if i can find the link again, because it was really good!

  5. waste less food - we've done pretty good with this, but could always do better. the meal planning would certainly help in this area!

  6. compost - DONE!

  7. get more pedicures this year...i think last year i got a whopping 2! need to improve upon that this year. who wants to help me with that one?? - i'm on track for two again this year! ha. again, can't believe this is so difficult. to all of my no-kid friends, cherish your pedis! i never realized how difficult it would be to find time to get away for this little self luxury! i miss them!

  8. consume less/simplify - hmmm...i think we are doing fairly well with this, but again could always do better.

  9. eat as a family more - making major progress in this area. for awhile it was a struggle to get home and get food ready for all of us. now that kellen is becoming a better eater and i'm not so worried about his weight, we seem to all be able to sit down and enjoy one meal (with some minor modifications for the boy!)

  10. figure out our family holiday traditions - working on this!

  11. reduce my hours at work - not happening so far...now is not the right time to be pursuing this - will wait until after rolo is born to see what we can do about this!

  12. wean the boy - DONE! wednesday, april 29 was our last nursing session before bed. aa and i flew to san francisco the next morning and that was that. he never asked for it once we got home, although wanted/needed A LOT of extra mama time for 3 weeks after that. i feel so good that i was able to nourish and comfort him for so long...but it was time for us to be done and i feel SO good about that!

  13. travel - aa and i went to sf for our anniversary. we're pondering another vacation, although we just can't decide. would certainly like to have a family getaway before our family of three becomes four. any ideas of good spots for a family of three, including one very busy 1.5 year old?

  14. have an internet free weekend each month...or at least a day/month! this one will be hard!!! :) - we haven't been super diligent about formally doing this, but i think our computer time has diminished in the last several months. our computer being down seemed to help that...plus we are just too tired!

  15. go to the beach more often this year - we definitely have more beach trips in us!

  16. take a trip for our 5th anniversary...possibly without the boy - DONE! it was wonderful!

  17. more date nights with aa - doing good in this category! last weekend we enjoyed dinner at Davis Street Tavern with Adam and Sarah, while grandma and papa had the boys. was a great night!

  18. move more - already working on this one - i'm getting certified to take the pilates reformer classes at the gym - it's so great! any nike peeps want to join me for the tue/thurs 4:30 class? - ugh. was doing SO good with this prior to me getting prego - it's been downhill from there.

  19. 1 month in 2009 = no consumption - haven't done this yet, but will!

  20. use zero disposable plastic water bottles - so far, so good! i even had to decline a bottle of water at a friend's party...thanks for letting me dirty a glass, erin!

not too bad, if i do say so myself!

Tally: Green (meaning done or tracking) = 9, Yellow (meaning working on it, but not quite tracking) = 6, Red (meaning danger!) = 5


the o's said...

ha ha i was very impressed and not the least bit bothered by 1 dirty glass! plus, andy does the dishes around here so it was not a problem ;) great job on your list and so fun seeing you guys today!

Dottie said...

Nice work! I'd love the recipe!

Rubie said...

I am not gonna lie... I AM IMPRESSED! That is a big list and You are knocking it out! Nice work Aa, A and K! I will get one more pedi this year in your honor to make sure I am cherishing the ability to. I will also see if I can drag you with me one time :)