Monday, June 15, 2009

rolo - 20 weeks!

i've officially hit the halfway mark with rolo - which is simply unbelievable! last week we had our BIG ultrasound, that could have told us the sex of this little one if we had wanted...but alas, we closed our eyes three times to avoid the genital region and instead came home with a sealed envelope marked with three huge question marks containing a snapshot of the region (only to be opened sometime after the birth for momento/baby book purposes!). many people ask how we can stand not knowing and especially how we can stand to have the answer in a sealed envelope in our hands without opening it! honestly, i feel no temptation whatsoever to open that envelope or to ruin the surprise that awaits us at the end of october! sure, i wonder...will our boy be joined by a little brother or sister, but i'm all good to wait it out! it's so exciting. but...i am curious to know what you think - boy or girl?? answer the poll that should be posted on the right! leave us a comment with your reasoning or thoughts! i'd love to know what people are thinking, because i really don't have a feeling one way or the other yet!

we did get our eyes on all the other little baby parts of our sweet rolo and everything looked great. it never gets old hearing that heartbeat and seeing your little baby moving inside of you. it's simply incredible. i'm starting to feel more and more movement and more frequently - which is my absolute favorite part of being pregnant. i forgot how cool it is - like a little conversation with just you and your unborn baby. i missed it and will certainly miss that feeling when i'm done with this one.

i don't have any official "belly pics" yet. i have never been good at that. i had hopes with kellen to take weekly or monthly photos and it just never happened. i have thought about it this go around, but again...they haven't happened and besides, i didn't have any with the boy, so i really should keep things fair! instead, i leave you with a profile pic of our little rolo and the cutest little foot and hand waving hi to all our peeps.


Dottie said...

I can't believe your half way! Your inspiration to me, I need to bite the bullet and go for it..errrrr. I voted boy, not sure why because I really want you to have a girl..but just have a feeling its a boy. Good luck with the rest of the 20 weeks.

Anonymous said...

I voted girl! The only reason why I voted girl is that you already have a boy and now you need to finish off with a little girl. But it would be pretty cool for Kellen to have a little brother so close in age.

A, J, and G said...

I voted girl too. I think part of it is wishful thinking :-) They are just so sweet!