Monday, April 12, 2010

first swing!

our weather has sure been crazy - sunny and warm one day or hour and cold, rainy or hailing the next! this weekend, i took advantage of a stretch of sunny weather and a visit from uncle bry to take the kiddos on a walk to the park. once we got there, i realized maya was old and strong enough to be able to be able to give the old baby swing a try! luckily uncle bry had his iphone with him, so we were able to catch some cute shots of the girl swinging - i think she enjoyed her time!

and of course, because she's the second child...she only gets a minute of the limelight to herself. kellen had fun pushing her and then big brother wanted to swing, too. so we put them together in one baby swing...could they be any cuter swinging together? i don't think she minded sharing the spotlight, either!

thanks for the fun and the cute pics, uncle bry!

and speaking of iphones...i am upgrade eligible as of may for a new phone through work and the iphone is now an option. should i make the jump from blackberry to iphone? i know, i know...i'm so behind the times not having an iphone and i should be a no brainer - but i tell you, i'm not so sure i'm a fan of the touch screen keyboard! and really, do i need the iphone to further feed my internet addiction?

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the o's said...

so cute! i LOVE my iphone, but i will say my least fave part about it is the touch screen keyboard. typos all the time... but overall, i like the phone better than my bb... just do it! ;)