Friday, April 9, 2010

monthly project {four people times twelve} // march

ok - forgive...i'm a little late in posting this! once again, squeaked the picture in on the last day of the month - on our toy covered living room floor! at least i'm giving myself a record of what really goes on in this household - we must pick up these toys at least four times a day.

these pics were taken with the self timer feature on a wednesday (which i currently have off...sort of!), right as aa came home from work and seconds before we start the frenzy which is getting dinner on the table, a bit of play time and then bedtime routine before aa and i crash out just to start our crazy days over again. life with two babes is a whirlwind and to top it all off, i'm now back to work. started back on march 22 - 1 day after my girl turned five months - 5 MONTHS?!! how can it be. i have very mixed emotions about being back to work - on one hand, it is nice to have a bit of time to myself, even in all the craziness that is my work life these days, but on the other hand, i miss my babes so much and i know that this time flies by - my biggest fear is that i'll regret not taking this time to just be home. it's a topic of discussion near daily and really i take it day by day, sometimes hour by hour. we'll see what happens.

kellen has been testing boundaries, limits and our patience these days! we had a rough couple of days early in the month with lots of hitting (of me and maya), throwing things (at me and maya...including a 5 pound weight on the girl! ah.), and all around mischief. i realize that this is all part of his development, but sometimes it's all i can take! the 5 pound weight about took me over the edge! these outbursts seem to come in waves and i can see them coming by the glimmer in his eye and the devilish smile on his face. i've been really trying to focus on showering him with attention, which i think is part of why he acts out - he just wants some attention!

moving on...he's been loving gymboree these days, learned to climb out of the crib this month (yikes!), is really a big helper and LOVES sesame street, especially cookie monster and elmo! he's been adding to his collection of guys and things that have to sleep with him in his crib at night - currently there are the following stuffed animals: two monk monk's (monkeys), big T (teddy bear), teddy (#1!), lizard, doggie and duckie, two cookie monster diapers, his blanket and some assortment of books - anywhere from 3-8 different ones! he's such a funny and sweet boy! i simply can't get enough!

my maya girl...5 months - really almost 6 months! i'm falling more and more in love with my girl by the day. she's still super demanding - don't even think about putting her down and walking out of sight! and yes, i'm still sleeping all night with her in my arms and no, she isn't taking a bottle...which has been a bit of a challenge with me back to work. we are SO lucky that grandma jan has been able to watch her on mondays and that she's willing to bring her to me 1-2 times to eat. my sister has been watching her for about four hours on tuesdays and daddy has been home with her on thursdays and also bringing her to me 1-2 times a day to eat. that is all changing on monday when she will start in the little torch classroom at the stringer child development center at nike - same classroom that kellen started in a year and a half ago. i have such mixed feelings about it - feels like she's so young to be in group care (kellen started at 9 months), but it will be nice to be able to go over and feed her when she's hungry.

the girl is getting so big and learning new tricks - march 7 she rolled over from back to tummy. she's pivoting all around, reaching for everything, grabbing her toes and really expressing herself with her voice! poor girl had a terrible rash on her face the last month, but i think we finally found the trick to keeping her clear - grandma el's ointment (hate that word!). one of the main reasons for the rash - TWO new teeth. the first one broke through march 12 and the second one march 29. those babies are sharp!!! it's hard to believe that solid foods are right around the corner - where does the time go???

the biggest thing in my world has been starting back to work. i'm supposed to be working part time, but there is a tremendous amount of work to be done right now. i'm feeling more and more that i might as well officially go back to full time, since i'm working it anyway - may as well be paid. especially considering that once maya starts at stringer, i would have to pay nike to work at the part time hours! not such a great feeling! back to work, meant finally a new haircut! bye bye pony tail, hello shorter do! i loved it the first and second day, but i've been having trouble doing it myself and i'm starting to think i'm ready to grow out my bangs.

oh - the BOB's are finally on sale! now i just need to figure out which one i want to get - the orange with 16" wheels or the black with 12" wheels!

we've been on a bit of a pancake kick lately. we've been alternating between two different kinds - this recipe for perfect pancakes and a cornmeal pancake that's made with yogurt, whole wheat flour and well...cornmeal (along with some other key ingredients!). i make a bunch of little "baby" pancakes and kellen eats them right up with a little syrup on the side for dipping. the best part is we freeze the leftovers and have breakfast or snacks for kellen on the go during the week!

my book for book club this month was the day the falls stood still. a great read that i highly recommend. we all met up at flying pie pizza for pizza and beer on a friday night. felt so good to be out of the house on my so rarely happens these days!

i'm drawing a blank on anything else that happened this month - may need to start a written log so that when i finally get around to this i'll remember what we were up to! i'll try to do better next month...but no promises! ha.


Elizabeth said...

cute family photos!

Jamie said...

What?! Almost 6 months old? Where has the time gone. I love that she likes to cuddle. 6 months from now you'll miss those nights when you could cuddle with her in your arms.