Saturday, December 4, 2010

bye bye ba!

today was a big day in our house...the day we would trade in all of kellen's bas (pacifiers) for a toy of his choice. we'd been talking about it for a little while - that when he was ready (or by the time he turned three) he could take all of his bas to the toy store and get any toy he wanted. we've offered it up several times before this and he would say he wasn't ready. was the day - good thing, because tomorrow he turns three! he was very excited this morning rounding them all up - all three of them, including his favorite ba - the orange and green one! we headed out to thinker toys and he zeroed in right away on a thomas the train set. knowing that he might have something like that coming his way for his birthday and hanukkah, we tried to find something else equally as exciting, but in the end it was thomas that came home with us! when we went up to the counter, he handed over the baggie with his three bas. they guy looked at us like we were crazy, but luckily the women next to him knew what was going on and played it up for us. what a big in his pacifiers for a toy! kellen tells us that new babies can now have his ba and that he still has his teddy and blanket!

our big, ba-less boy loving thomas!

what fun he had setting up the train and playing...but it might have been the catalog of other thomas engines, sets, accessories, etc that he enjoyed the most today. what is this one's name, daddy? how about this one? as fun and exciting as thomas was, i was a little worried about how bedtime would go, which is the only time that ba is actually used (well, naptime too...but no nap today because of civil war!). he did ask for it...mama, where is ba? i want my ba. i reminded him that we traded it in, that we have thomas now and that bas are for babies and he is a big boy. 10 minutes later he was sound asleep! crossing my fingers it continues to go that smooth. and guess who else made it into the bed...thomas, of course!

see thomas sticking out underneath puppy! teddy is there under the book (a recent request each night, bookie please!).

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