Friday, December 31, 2010


wow, it just dawned on me this morning that this decade is over. what a ten years it has been. so much to look back on. ten years ago i was a 24 year old, account manager, two+ years into my first real job - at maxim group/tek systems selling computer consulting services to companies in north, northeast and southeast portland and vancouver/camas/longview. i was making good money, living with my boyfriend of ~ 3 years and feeling on top of the world! we were dink's and didn't realize how easy life was! today i am a 34 year old, stay at home mom (a term that still makes my heart race...both because it scares the heck out of me and it makes me so happy), wife of 6.5 years, making NO money and tackling the most challenging yet fulfilling job of my life.

some highlights of the last 10 years (via my digital photographs, which i bought in 2003, so 2003 is when it starts!):

january 2003 - free trip to cancun with maxim group/tek systems! lobster, room service whenever we pleased, swimming with the dolphins, dance party, tequila shots...all free and so much fun! why did i quit that job?! oh...i hated it at the end!

may 2003 - aa and i spent 3 weeks in japan - - to visit adam and (his then girlfriend) sarah, our friend brad and my uncle/aunt/cousin. such an incredible cultural experience. i don't know that i fully realized it at the time, though! would love to go back...but there are so many other places in the world to see!

august 16, 2003 - we climbed mt st helens with jan, bryan, adam, stacy and a few others.

july 26, 2003 - aaron popped the big question at salishan on the beach on one knee. elated! finally! ;) pics!

september 2003 - we made an offer on our first house - planned to live there for 3 years max...that was 7 years ago and yes, we are still here!

january 2004 - started new job at banfield the pet hospital as a college recruiter. traveled around to different colleges around the country recruiting doctors. fun seeing all college campuses, but the travel got old real fast!

may 1, 2004 - our wedding day! tied (with the birth of my babes) for my favorite day in life.

and 3 week honeymoon in Belize - pure bliss!!

april 12, 2005 - my first day at nike as a recruiter - LOVED working for this brand/company. great people, employee store discounts, challenging work, sample sales, cool events...yes, i was in the audience while phil interviewed mj in honor of his 25th anniversary with nike.

may 2005 (five weeks after i started my new job!) - traveled around peru for 3 weeks and hiked the inca trail to machu picchu w/ the gassner family. amazing!

sept/oct 2006 - 3 weeks in africa in celebration of our 30th birthdays and a big hoorah before we attempt to start a family.

october 22, 2006 - ran the nike women's marathon in honor of my 30th birthday - my mom and mother-in-law came along to celebrate!

march 2007 - december 5, 2007 - pregnant w/ kellen, due date was november 22 (thanksgiving of that year), but 13 days overdue!

august 2007 - babymoon #1, kauai, hi

december 5, 2007 @ 10:46am - our boy is born...first family photo

may 2008 - my first mother's day!

may 1, 2009 - 5 Years! our first night(s) away from kellen for a long weekend to san francisco.

august 2009 - babymoon #2 - maui, hi...a little different with a 1.5 year old!

october 14, 2009 - one week before giving birth...kellen comes down with croup - first ER visit, then ambulance ride to emanuel and overnight stay - 9 months pregnant! poor sick boy, poor pregnant mama.

october 21, 2009 - my 33rd birthday and maya's birthday @ 11:57 pm - our first photo with our girl!

july 2010 - our first family road trip to northern california - super fun and many good memories, but probably our last for at least five years!

september 3, 2010 - my last day at nike. such a bittersweet day. i view it as a sabbatical - extra long and hope to find myself back there when the time is right for us. for now, i'm loving this time and can't wait to see what the next decade brings.

cheers and happy new year/decade* to all.

* i realize acutally that we are probably a year into the official decade, but since this is my blog...i'm counting my last ten years!!! :)


the o's said...

what a beautiful post, angie! love the decade highlights - you and aa have so much to be proud of... what a wonderful life!

Jen Jacobs said...

love this post Angie. what fun to retell the highlight moments of the last 10 years of your life. so rich, so sweet. love the idea and might have to burrow it but man it must have taken you a long time to write this post!

Andy & Heather Singer said...

Great post! You guys have done some amazing things in the last 10 years. The trips alone are impressive! I hope this next decade is just as fun and fulfilling!!

Dottie said...

What an awesome post Ang! You have had some amazing things happen in the past decade, I'm sure the next will be just as exciting starting with your trip to Glendale! Have a great time, wish we were going but I think a 6 week old is probably a bit too early to handle the noisey game. Email me (nike address) so we can plan a play date, I don't have your email.

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