Friday, December 3, 2010

go duck

last night at bridgeport village there was a civil war pep rally featuring benny the beaver and puddles the duck. kellen is a BIG fan of the duck, so we couldn't miss it! it was cold and a little drizzly, but my boy was in awe! couldn't wait to see the duck "being funny". we were there for close to two hours and only pulled him away by convincing him that the duck and everyone else was going home to go eat dinner and go to bed, too. the marching band starting up again as we walked off didn't help.

maya looks up and realizes something is not quite right!

kellen was a big hit too...little did we know when we put on our colors to head out the door that one of us would be crowned best dressed little duck fan! yep...kellen won the fan vote of best dressed. it was pretty funny - in the final round (yes, it went from about 10 kids down to top 4, to top 2 based upon crowd applause!) he was up against a kid dressed up in a full duck costume and it was deemed a tie. kellen was clueless about what was going on, but happy to walk away with a little duck football that plays the fight song.

kellen is a bigger fan of the duck from a distance!

afterwards we walked over to whole foods for dinner. kellen couldn't stop slamming the football on the table to make it plays the fight song and maya was quite happy to dance to the music! fun night.

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