Tuesday, February 5, 2008

2 months old today and 9 weeks old tomorrow!

It was really funny to me that as soon as I became pregnant everything was suddenly measured in weeks - the pregnancy is 40 weeks, which is closer to 10 months than 9 months...but who's counting! Each day really did matter to me - my week started on Thursday, in case you were wondering. Once your baby is born you still count in weeks, but you also want to recognize the day they were born on by counting months...so we just do both! February 5th marks Kellen's two month "birthday" and Wednesday he'll have been in our world for 9 weeks. It's all pretty exciting - I just wonder when do you stop counting those weeks?! Perhaps when it's too much to actually remember! Anyway, I'm sure you don't come here for this...it's all about the pictures, right?

Here's our big boy - Mr. Smiley - today on his two month, one day shy of 9 weeks "birthday" (that's why you come here anyway, right?)!!


Anonymous said...

Wow he is getting too big. Oh and I think that it is cute seeing you ramble about the boy. Once you become a Mom they tend to fully consume you. Oh you will loose the weeks thing very soon. It tends to only last a few more months more.

erin&andy said...

he is so cute! he looks so much like you in some of the pics, and then like aaron in others... i'll have to see him in person again to really see who he looks like! also, no i didn't remember that bo was aaron's #1 name... i like it, but really for us it just stands for "baby oranen" :) we do joke about just naming him bo after he's born - it'd be a lot easier since everyone calls him that already!

Jamie & Aaron said...

He looks like such a happy baby! I can't believe how big he is getting. I can't wait to see him in person when you cruise on out to campus this month!