Monday, February 11, 2008

Bottle Wars and Vitamin Poop

Upon the advice of our pediatrician, we were waiting to introduce a bottle to Kellen until he was about 3 months old - something about he's such a fast eater, if he gets a bottle he might become lazy and refuse the boob. After a visit to the lactation consultant around Week 7, she advised us to try giving him a bottle right away because as they get older, they might become stubborn and refuse the bottle. So...fearful of that (!) we attempted to give him a bottle that night and it appeared that we may have missed that ideal window (4-6 weeks...thank you very much, pediatrician!) of introducing the bottle. He gave us the worst looks, played around with that nipple and let any milk that did get into his mouth run right out. We saw this was going to be a challenge! Fearful of the thought of him never taking a bottle, I thought that maybe he just didn't like that kind of bottle nipple and went out to get others - in fact, we have about 6 different kind of bottles in the house right now! Nope - didn't like any of those. I asked for help at the Baby and Me group we go to and everyone said that I needed to leave the house - babies are so smart that if they can smell their mom in the house, they will often refuse initially because why would they take it from the bottle when they could get it from the source? Yesterday I left Aaron and Kellen with a bottle of freshly pumped milk and went off to see Juno with some friends. As soon as the movie got out (it was only an hour and a half!) I called Aaron and could hear Kellen crying - but Aaron assured me that he had just woke up and he was just getting the bottle ready for the attempt and told me not to come home yet. I was a bit stressed...but not more than five minutes later he called back and I could hear the sound of Kellen sucking away at the bottle!! What a relief! Our boy finally took a bottle! We'll need to keep at it every few days and hopefully eventually I won't have to leave the house in order for it to happen - but if that is what it takes, I can handle that!

Oh and vitamin poop - wow! We just started giving Kellen some liquid vitamins - Tri - Vi -Sol (which smell and look disgusting). So go figure...these nasty vitamins make Kellen's poop smell and look disgusting - sorry for the description, but we're talking dark green, almost black poops. You're probably thinking, doesn't poop already smell and look disgusting - well, yes - but these vitamins take it to another level!

And this my friends is what my life has evolved to - bottle wars and vitamin poop!

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Jamie & Aaron said...

Congrats on the bottle accomplishment. I can see more restfull nights in your future with Aaron pulling daddy duty with night time feedings :)

I love this picture of the three of you. Looks like Kellen is taking after Aaron's tongue :-)