Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's a video!


We're sick over here...until we get better, here's a video of Kellen rolling over - notice how excited we all are - so easily entertained!


Meme said...


Love you all, meems.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie, it's Elizabeth Erin's friend. First of all, so cool that your son can roll over. I can understand the excitement. We get the same way over here about the smallest things. It's so wonderful, isn't it? Anyway, about running, I quit my job so I'm at home full time so I usally can get out every morning for a run. It's great bc I time it right when I know she needs her morning nap and she just sleeps and I can run. Good luck with your training! Are you still working at Nike???

Jamie & Aaron said...

I love this video! Notice how he rolls over so he can strategically face the camera when he's done and pose like a total playboy! So cute!