Monday, February 18, 2008

Freaking Vitamins!

Errr...those vitamin drops have caused our family nothing but trouble! They give our boy bad poop and half the time they make him throw up - I'm talking 30 seconds after we give them to him, he's hurling. And if he doesn't puke 'em up, then he spits half of them out anyway! So...this morning I was talking to Andi and she suggested that we give them to him in smaller doses - half in the morning and half in the night. Great I tried that this morning and he tolerated the half dose much better. BUT...I must have gotten distracted because this afternoon after a day of shopping, we got home and Kellen was crying because he was starving. In my rush to get him changed out of his wet diaper and into the nursing chair to feed him, I knocked the chair into the side table - where the vitamins were sitting and they fell over and the whole freaking bottle of vitamins spilled out onto the chair and the carpet!! you remember that earlier post where I said they looked and smelled disgusting? Dark green liquid all over the carpet and a screaming, hungry baby does not make for a happy mama! What do I do, feed the boy or clean the carpet? I quickly blotted what I could, then fed Kellen enough to settle him down and went back to cleaning. I swear, I've cleaned it now at least five times and his room still smells of yucky vitamins!

In other news...Kellen is now in a size 2 diaper - it kinda made me sad to have to buy the next size up! Oh and he took a bit of a bottle from me as well!

Such a sweet boy - a few snuggles with him and you forget all about the vitamin disaster (that is until you walk into his room and take a sniff...but he does make everything all right!)!

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