Wednesday, July 16, 2008

crawling...or is it creeping or cruising?

Kellen has been on the move for most of his life - he's a busy, active guy! He started rolling from him tummy to his back at 7.5 weeks and the other way around at 14.5 weeks. At that point, the boy would roll to get from place to place. When Aa called me one Saturday while I was out and about and proclaimed that Kellen had just crawled, I didn't believe him. But when I came home, sure enough Kellen was moving forward - not on hands and knees, but army crawling with his belly on the ground. That was 7.5 weeks ago and he hasn't looked back. He can now move pretty fast...especially if he locks in on the telephone, a remote control or a cell phone! His eyes simply light up and he is off!

We spent last weekend in Seaside with Aaron's family and the condo we were staying at was great, but straight out of the 60's - blue carpet and a mirrored fireplace mantel and hearth. This was awesome for Kellen because he could spot himself in the mirror and would then race towards it! It was pretty funny - I tried to capture it on video and although I don't think it quite does it justice...I still think it's pretty cute! A baby likes nothing more than to look at himself in the mirror right now and developmentally I believe that they don't even know it's them in the reflection - they just think it's another cute baby! We think there is none cuter!!

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erin&andy said...

soooooooo cute! great seeing you two last week. we'll have to do it again soon! kellen is adorable :)